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The Leslie Knope Guide To Get You Through Finals

'Cause she's a bawse and a half, and knows how to get shit done.

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Alright guys... the unfortunate time of the semester has come. It's finals week.

We know the procrastinating stages... eating junk food, taking naps, and getting lost in the abyss of the Internet.

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But if there's one person who can help you with an efficient guide to survive finals week, it's Leslie Knope. And this is it.

1. Disregard the meaningless tests you have lined up. Study what matters.

2. Continuously motivative yourself.

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3. Don't be intoxicated when you're reviewing your notes and textbooks.

4. Try your best not to freak out and feel stressed...

5. ...but if you do, pick yourself up and KEEP GOING!

6. Dress comfortably when you study — there's no time to impress anyone.

7. Make sure you have your notes and handouts organized into binders.

8. Threaten anyone who barges in your dorm and interrupts your study flow.

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Yeah cute guy down the hall, I'm talking to you.

9. There's barely time for bathroom breaks. Power through.

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10. Cancel all plans for the week.

11. Avoid studying with a partner. You need to get this shit done on your own.

12. Never let that insanely smart brain of yours rest.

13. Throw shade at the people who are begging for your help last minute in the library.

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It's their fault they weren't productive during the semester.

14. There's no such thing as writing too many review guides.

15. Being competitive among your peers never killed anybody. BE THE WINNER OF YOUR CLASS.

16. Don't let anyone say you can't pass your tests. You know your worth as a student.

17. After the week is over, and you survived your finals, buy a drink. You deserve ALL the happiness.

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