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The 15 Stages Of Cutting Your Hair

Say goodbye to your long, luscious locks.

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1. You've been contemplating for a while whether or not you should cut your hair...

...because you're really tired of your locks getting caught in objects.

Via Tumblr

2. Mama says you'll look cute and hip, so why not take a chance?

3. You get to the salon, and the hairdresser begins to wash your long hair... for the last time.

4. The hairdresser whips out the scissors, and starts to cut.

5. At first you think she isn't cutting off that much -- she's doing a delicate job. Not even worried.

Via Tumblr

6. Then the hair cutting cape comes off… and you realize you have no hair left.

7. You have to fake a smile, and pretend you enjoy the new short hairdo.

8. But really you feel bald, and you don't know what to do with yourself.

9. Your friends say you look beautiful, but you know they're faking it.

Because you won't get to do this anymore.

Short hair does not grant you this Beyoncé move.

10. You go home to cry for a few hours because life as you know it is over.

11. And you realize in these hours of pain that you can't put your hair in a messy bun anymore.

You're left with limited hairdos. #Womp

12. Or keep warm in the winter with your extra layer of hair.

Scarves are now necessary.

13. You're pissed because nobody compliments your new cut, now that the hippie hair has vanished.

14. The new reactions (or lack thereof) result to this:

And a little of this:

15. Now you count down the days, weeks, and months until your hair grows back to Cher length...

...which will be FOREVER, and nobody has time for that.

So keep that long, luscious hair of yours if you can't handle the pain of cutting it off.

It keeps you warm, you can achieve a messy bun, and you feel like Cher 24/7.

Via Tumblr

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