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5 Embarrassing Thanksgiving Horror Stories That'll Make You Feel Better About Your Holiday

So. Much. Poop.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their most awkward Thanksgiving experiences. Here are the cringeworthy results.

1. Submitted by jennakanellakos.

My friend's new boyfriend wore khakis to Thanksgiving dinner, and halfway through a horrible smell came over the table that everyone noticed but never addressed. A few minutes later, my friend and her boyfriend suddenly remembered they had a second dinner to go to and left abruptly. When I closed the door behind them, I noticed his khakis turned a dark, greenish color all over the back of his pants and legs. He shit himself at the table. Next to his girlfriend's 90 year old grandmother.

2. Submitted by Michelle Haynie (Facebook)

I was about 12 years old and my mom spent the whole day cooking up a fantastic feast for my family. When she came to the table with the last item, something happened to me. I think it was the combination of smells from different foods, and my body trying to take it all in. I got violently ill. I fell to the floor in an attempt to get to the bathroom, but instead I just vomited for 10 minutes straight on my mom's favorite carpet. It looked like I ate everything at the table and threw it up because it just never seemed to stop. After I had emptied everything inside of me, I felt fantastic, but everyone else wasn't hungry anymore. We heated everything up and had Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

3. Submitted by Jacki Demchak (Facebook)

One year I got the flu the day before Thanksgiving, and I made the rest of my family sick. We had ten people in the house and only one bathroom. At the height of the misery, we had people in the corners hovering over mop buckets and trash cans. It was pretty bad.

4. Submitted by kelli824.

When I was about five years old, my big brother decided it would be a great idea to spin the frozen turkey around our living room. He told me not to get up, but me being a five year old I decided to get up when he was in mid-spin. Let's just say the doctors at the hospital couldn't stop laughing at the story and told every doctor what happened; my uncle walked in on my brother crying because he thought my grandfather was going to kill him, which made my two other cousins cry. In just the right light you can still see the scar on my lip. Gobble gobble.

5. Submitted by irod4302.

I was 12 or 13 years old at the time, and during those years I was always severely constipated. One Thanksgiving at my house, I had to go to the bathroom and I accidentally clogged the toilet. I was so embarrassed and I didn't want to do the walk of shame to get the plunger from the garage and return to the bathroom, so I just locked the bathroom door. A few minutes later without me noticing, my dad had to use the bathroom and unlocked it. He then asked me in front of our entire family and guests why I locked the bathroom and didn't unclog the toilet. I hope you can imagine how horrifying that was to a teenager.

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