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People Revealed They're Queer Without Actually Saying They're Queer, And The Responses Are Golden

"I drink iced coffee in the middle of winter."

In honor of Pride month, we asked the LGBTQ+ folks of the BuzzFeed Community to play a popular internet game with us: "Tell me you're queer without telling me you're queer." And to no surprise, their responses were hilarious and brilliant:

1. "My most regularly worn shoes are combat boots and Converse."


2. "I drink iced coffee in the middle of winter."


3. "I can't parallel park, and I failed my driving test twice before getting my license."


4. "I'm a gay man, and when I was 4 years old, I asked for a Magic Tea Party set with purple teacups that turned hot pink with cold water from Santa."


5. "I cannot properly sit in a chair."

Kate McKinnon trying to sit in a chair during an interview for "The Spy who Dumped Me"

6. "Hayley Kiyoko is my favorite artist, and I'm still jealous that Thor gets to kiss Jane Foster in Thor."


7. "I have a flannel section in my closet."


8. "I've seen every episode of Glee."


9. "I've been the class pet in every single one of my language arts classes."


10. "This is my most listened to music playlist on Spotify 😂."

A screenshot of a "Musicals" Spotify playlist, containing songs from "Rent," "Hamilton," "Dear Evan Hansen," and "Little Shop of Horrors"

11. "My favorite character from The Parent Trap is Chessy."


12. "My jeans are ALWAYS cuffed."


13. "When I was in eighth grade, we had to do a presentation on a celebrity we admired, and I did mine on Neil Patrick Harris."


14. "I have a serious infatuation with frogs."


15. "I dyed my hair pink."

Demi Lovato taking a selfie video while wearing oversized glasses and pink hair

16. "I always wear comfy shoes, no matter the occasion."


17. "I once went with a bunch of my rugby teammates to see Tig Notaro."


18. "I wear jean shorts to roller derby practice."


19. "I know all the words to 'Dancing On My Own' by Robyn and 'Cut to the Feeling' by Carly Rae Jepsen."


20. "I was born on October 11th (which happens to be National Coming Out Day)."

21. "I give a lot of finger guns."


22. "When I played with my 'boyfriend' in pre-k, I'd be the knight and he'd be the princess. I saved him from dragons on the playground while he wore princess dresses during snack time."

"In a dramatic and cOmPLEteLy uNExPecTEd turn of events, we're both gay."


23. "If there are three chairs in a room, I'll still sit on the counter."


24. "I'm a woman, and when I was a kid, I always sang love songs by male artists or subconsciously changed the pronouns to female ones."


25. "I have Harry Styles' Vogue cover from December 2020 framed on my desk."

Harry Styles's Vogue cover framed on a wooden desk

26. "I am never on time."


27. "I’m a woman, and yesterday I noticed midway to my visit into town that I had a wrench in my back pocket."


28. "I laugh at very bad puns."


29. "I'm besties with the liberal intellectuals who make up my school's English department (aka my teachers, and I have an unhealthy adoration for them)."


30. "I posed like this for pictures as a kid."

Young queer boy happily posing for a picture with his legs crossed and his arm in the air

31. "I can't make decisions because I love both options so much!"


32. "My sleeves are always rolled up."


33. "I make rainbow waffles and PANcakes."


34. "Growing up, I idolized Kimberly the pink Power Ranger."


35. And last but not least: "My grandma still asks me if I have a boyfriend yet 😏."

BuzzFeed user taking a mirror selfie while wearing a backwards hat, Led Zeppelin t-shirt, jean shorts, and converse sneakers

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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