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Here Are 20 Pictures Of "SNL" Actors And The Famous People They've Played, And The Attention To Detail Is Killing Me

Amy Poehler's impression of Avril Lavigne will make you do a double take.

1. What Pete Davidson looks like as Machine Gun Kelly:

Davidson with bleached hair while wearing a light colored suit with a butterfly attached

What the real Machine Gun Kelly looks like:

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox at the 2021 iHeart Radio Awards

2. What Maya Rudolph looks like as Beyoncé:

Rudolph wearing a black leather dress with long, wavy hair

What the real Beyoncé looks like:

Beyoncé at the 2021 Grammys

3. What Aidy Bryant looks like as Adele in her "Hello" music video:

Bryant as Adele in her infamous "Hello" music video

What the real Adele looks like in her "Hello" music video:

Adele wearing fur in her "Hello" music video

4. What Leslie Jones looks like as Whoopi Goldberg:

Jones with round, colorful glasses, a buttoned-down shirt, and dreadlocks

What the real Whoopi Goldberg looks like:

Goldberg hosting "The View" in 2019

5. What Jay Pharoah looks like as Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element:

Pharoah wearing a leopard print body suit

What the real Chris Tucker looks like in The Fifth Element:

Tucker wearing a leopard print body suit and screaming into a microphone

6. What Andy Samberg looks like as Nicolas Cage:

Samberg wearing a balding wig and a suit and tie

What the real Nicolas Cage looks like:

Cage at a screening of "The Runner" in 2015

7. What Kate McKinnon looks like as Jane Lynch:

McKinnon wearing a dark suit, short hair, bright colored shirt underneath

What the real Jane Lynch looks like:

Lynch at her wax figure unveiling at Madame Tussauds in 2010

8. What Kenan Thompson looks like as Steve Harvey:

Kenan staring into the camera, bald, thick mustache

What the real Steve Harvey looks like:

Harvey on "Family Feud," staring off in a confused manner

9. What Melissa Villaseñor looks like as Lady Gaga:

Villaseñor wearing a bright cowboy hat and jacket

What the real Lady Gaga looks like:

Gaga wearing a bright cowboy hat and matching jacket

10. What Amy Poehler looks like as Avril Lavigne:

Poehler with long hair, tank top, dark jeans, and belt

What the real Avril Lavigne looks like:

Lavigne in her "Complicated" music video

11. What Tracy Morgan looks like as Maya Angelou:

Morgan wearing an earth-toned blouse, glasses, lipstick, and earrings

What the real Maya Angelou looked like:

Angelou speaking at an event in 1994

12. What Kristen Wiig looks like as Suze Orman:

Wiig wearing a short wig, zebra patterned suit with gold collar

What the real Suze Orman looks like:

Orman at an event in New York City in 2010

13. What Ego Nwodim looks like as Tiffany Haddish:

Nwodim wearing Haddish's signature white dress

What the real Tiffany Haddish looks like:

Haddish wearing her signature dress while hosting "SNL" in 2017

14. What Bowen Yang looks like as Fran Lebowitz:

Yang wearing a short wig, round glasses, and a suit with a shirt underneath

What the real Fran Lebowitz looks like:

Lebowitz with short hair, round glasses, and a suit with a shirt underneath

15. What Will Ferrell looks like as James Lipton:

Ferrell wearing round glasses, suit and tie, beard, and balding wig

What the real James Lipton looked like:

Lipton on "Inside the Actors Studio"

16. What Eddie Murphy looks like as Stevie Wonder:

Murphy wearing a suit and tie, glasses, smiling happily

What the real Stevie Wonder looks like:

Wonder holding a harmonica in 1969

17. What Tina Fey looks like as Sarah Palin:

Fey wearing a bright colored suit, glasses, pulled back hair with bangs

What the real Sarah Palin looks like:

Palin giving a thumbs up at a conference in 2010

18. What Bobby Moynihan looks like as Guy Fieri:

Moynihan holding a plate of food with spiked, bleached hair

What the real Guy Fieri looks like:

Fieri holding a stack of burgers in the mid-2010s

19. What Heidi Gardner looks like as Kristen Schaal:

Gardner with short, curly hair wearing a bright colored dress

What the real Kristen Schaal looks like:

Schaal at the premiere for "What We Do In The Shadows" in 2019

20. And what Fred Armisen looks like as Prince:

Armisen wearing Prince's signature purple suit, earrings, thin mustache

What the real Prince looked like:

Prince performing at the Grammy awards in 2004