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Show Us The Most Simple Halloween Costume You've Ever Worn

Convince this goon to dress up!

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October is usually a month that many people look forward to.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

You get to eat delicious pumpkin desserts, wear cozy sweaters, and dress up for Halloween.

Disney Channel / Via

But for those who despise this spooky holiday, October 31st triggers all kinds of costume anxiety.

Comedy Central / Via

So, you usually take the simple Halloween costume route.

Hehehe... pothead. Get it?

Maybe one year you drew three dots on your shirt and went as a 3-hole punch.

NBC / Via

Or perhaps you stuck a pair of cat ears on your head and called it a day.

NBC / Via

Or maybe you cut two holes in your tank top and prowled the night as Regina George.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Get us in the spooky spirit and upload a pic of your most simple, ~lazy~ Halloween costume via the Dropbox below!

Yessss, Rosie the Riveter!

The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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