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    19 Times People Were Passive Aggressive As Hell, And Were Pretty Darn Creative In The Process

    Sure it's easier to talk things out, but these folks are straight-up geniuses.

    1. This person, who made a GIANT sign calling out the person who fed their cat:

    "This includes you, Anna"

    2. This school, that made a weird, threatening sign to its students:

    "Fifth grade teacher temper advisory system"

    3. This person, who bought cupcakes for *specific* coworkers:

    "For fill shift"

    4. This person, who typed up a long note to people about parking spots:

    "You are illegally parked"

    5. This person, who made it pretty darn clear to their neighbors what they were all about:

    "My house, my WiFi, my rules"

    6. This person, who made a sign for their roommate and put it in a CLEAR SHEET PROTECTOR:

    "Wring out the sponge when you are done using it"

    7. And this person, who also left passive aggressive notes to their roommates instead of talking it out:

    "Don't leave shit in the sink"

    8. This person, who wasn't afraid to call out their coworker for being messy:

    "This area is cleaned, decluttered, and has been rid of crumbled papers"

    9. This person, who left a passive aggressive sign in the laundry room, and people responded in an equally passive aggressive way:

    "Please call 7418 if linen is full"

    10. This person, who put up a snarky (albeit hilarious) sign in a parking lot:

    "Don't even think of parking here"

    11. This teacher, who left a weird and secret message for their students:

    "WiFi password: 'Study more'"

    12. This person, who tried to be loving by leaving a "<3" on a passive aggressive note:

    &quot;Please dump me after every use&quot;

    13. This person, who left a sign near dog poop on the street instead of attempting to clean it up:

    14. This person, who told everyone to "stop taking my food" instead of confronting them:

    &quot;Stop taking my food&quot;

    15. This person, who refused to contact their landlord about their building's problems:

    &quot;Does anyone know when the elevator will be fixed?&quot;

    16. This person, who left up MULTIPLE SIGNS on someone's windshield:

    &quot;Please don&#x27;t park in my space&quot;

    17. This store, that really wanted to let its customers know that they weren't allowed the "cash back" option:

    &quot;No cash back&quot;

    18. This Popeyes, that wasn't afraid to call its customers out for being impatient:

    &quot;If you run out of patience, ask for an application&quot;

    19. And this person, who taped signs on microwaves to let their coworkers know just how disgusting their food was:

    &quot;Close break room door while making food&quot;