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    Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Jul 27, 2013

    Parks And Recreation's Jerry Gergich Is The Most Annoying Person Ever

    You might feel bad when the Parks and Rec department makes fun of Jerry, but they have a good reason. This is why Jerry is just awful.

    1. He thinks Comic Sans is a cool font.

    Maybe it is... for 2nd graders. God Jerry!

    2. He never speaks correctly.

    3. He doesn't know how the Internet works.

    4. Jerry dances like this. He should be shunned from life forever.

    5. His birth parents didn't even want him.

    Via Tumblr

    6. His paintings are horrible.

    He killed the Jay Z vibe it took years for Tom to cultivate.

    7. He says stuff like this, and makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

    8. Instead of serenading people with a kickass pop song, he plays classical music.

    9. He falls asleep when he should be helping the community.

    10. He lights himself on fire and ruins his own birthday party at work.

    11. He didn't vote for Leslie when she ran for city council.

    Damn it, Jerry!

    12. He has the lamest Halloween costumes.

    Via Pinterest

    You can't go as yourself to a Halloween party, Jerry.

    13. He doesn't understand jokes.

    Via Pinterest

    14. When he bends over, he rips his pants and farts.

    15. He eats at dinosaur-themed restaurants.

    Shut up, Jerry.

    16. He likes getting socks for Christmas instead of a real present.

    Some might say this is selfless and sweet, but it's not. It's boring and stupid.

    17. And if you haven't noticed, he wears plaid. ALL THE TIME.

    Deal breaker, Jerry.

    So it's ok to hate Jerry...

    ...because everybody hates him just as much as you do.

    Even Jerry knows he's not capable of doing anything right.

    His face is bothersome,

    and he makes us all want to scream.

    Damn it, Jerry!

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