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Updated on Apr 30, 2020. Posted on Apr 26, 2020

If You Get 17/20 On This Old Pop Culture Test, You're Probably A Baby Boomer

It's time to put your knowledge to the test!

  1. What's Rizzo's first name from Grease?

    Paramount Pictures
  2. Which song did Aretha Franklin *not* sing?

  3. Where did Mary Richards live in The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

  4. How many times were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married?

    William Lovelace / Getty Images
  5. Finish this quote from The Godfather Part II:

    Paramount Pictures
  6. How many studio albums did The Beatles record together?

    Parlophone / Apple
  7. Can you name this legendary TV character?

  8. What gesture did Carol Burnett do at the end of every episode of The Carol Burnett Show?

  9. How many folks attended the Woodstock festival in August 1969?

  10. And which famous rockstar closed out the festival?

    Slaven Vlasic / Ian Tyas / Central Press / Getty Images
  11. Which Brady Bunch cast members dated in real life?

  12. How many seasons were The Jeffersons on for?

  13. What was Julie Andrews' first movie: Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music?

    Disney / 20th Century Fox
  14. Who was the original host of the iconic music-dance show, Soul Train?

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images
  15. Which famous actor asked Sacheen Littlefeather to decline his Oscar on his behalf in the '70s?

  16. What was the last movie Walt Disney signed off on before he died?

  17. Can you tell us who was the first woman to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?

    Evening Standard / Keystone / Len Trievnor / Getty Images
  18. What movie role did Rita Moreno win Best Supporting Actress for at the Oscars?

    Keystone / Getty Images
  19. What was Sonny and Cher's original stage name?

  20. Finally, tell us the highest-grossing movie of the '70s:

    Universal Pictures / Lucasfilm

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