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    24 Faces Every Perpetually Awkward Person Will Recognize

    Get me OUTTA here.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most awkward thing they've ever done. Here are the cringeworthy results.

    1. The "I can't hear what you're saying but I'll pretend that I do" face:

    2. The "I'm next in line at Chipotle and I have to follow 20 steps in order to get my burrito" face:

    3. The "OMG I accidentally went for the hug when she was going for the handshake" face:

    4. ...And the "I accidentally slapped her elbow instead of her hand for the high-five" face:

    5. The "my cellphone is ringing, do I actually have to pick it up and talk?" face:

    6. The "I can't believe she caught me checking her out during the office meeting" face:

    7. The "someone just tried talking to me while I was pooping in the bathroom stall" face:

    8. The "I'm not sure if he heard me because he was wearing his headphones" face:

    9. The "you mispronounced my name but I'm too nervous to actually correct you" face:

    10. The "I thought I just waved to my best friend but it was actually a total stranger" face:

    11. The “I need to write a professional email to my boss but I don’t know where to start” face:

    12. The "I really want to ask for this beautiful bae's number at the bar" face:

    13. The "my friends are making me ask a stranger to take our group picture" face:

    14. The "I can't believe I forgot his name, I just met him" face:

    15. The "I'm going underwear shopping in the middle of the afternoon" face:

    16. The "my boyfriend surprised me with a cake and sang 'Happy Birthday' at the restaurant" face:

    17. The "please don't approach me and ask for directions" face:

    18. The "do I have to push or pull this door?" face:

    19. The "I have to ask the sales associate to help me find something" face:

    20. The "what am I supposed to talk about with my 11-year-old cousin?" face:

    21. The "my friends are making me call the pizza place and order dinner" face:

    22. The "cashier asking if you have exact change at the register" face:

    23. The "I accidentally touched his butt while I was standing in the crowded bar" face:

    24. And the "saying goodbye to everyone at the end of the party" face:

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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