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    19 Times "Nice Guys" Were Actually Extremely Toxic In 2022, And Should've Been Left Behind In 2021

    It's too early in the year for this nonsense.

    Warning: Some submissions include topics of verbal abuse, harassment, and assault. Please proceed with caution.

    1. This "nice guy," who sent endless texts to a woman when she communicated in a clear and healthy way she wasn't interested in dating him:

    "Nice guy:" "I haven't judged you yet. I've given you the benefit of the doubt. Which I often do to strangers because that's what they are — estranged"
    "Nice guy:" "If I kept messaging you things like are you sure? Or I dunno, like you seem really great BUT? These things are hurtful. Just ghost someone next time"

    2. This "nice guy," who broke into his crush's house in the middle of the night to give her flowers and wanted to "track her down" to "apologize:"

    "Nice guy:" "I'm sick to death of girls saying they want to be swept off their feet but when someone does it they get abused for it"
    "Nice guy:" "I can get her number anyway, I have methods and people who can find stuff like that out for me"

    3. These "nice guys," who victim-blamed a woman for "dating the wrong guy" after her ex burned down her parents' house:

    Image of woman's house being burned down by her ex who she has a restraining order against
    "Nice guy:" "I don't understand why women choose these evil, jealous men and overlook the kind, sweet caring gentlemen like me! If you want to talk I'm a good listener and supporter"
    "Nice guy:" "That's messed up her family had to go through that because she was messing with a weirdo"

    4. This "nice guy," who wasn't interested in dating women with kids, and wrote in his dating profile, "What do you bring to the table? If the answer is, 'Someone else's kids,' then go kick rocks":

    Dating profile that reads: "Stop saying your 'thicc'...your obese"
    "Nice guys" joining in and agreeing with the man who refused to date women with kids

    5. This "nice guy," who crossed a disgusting boundary and messaged his dead coworker's wife:

    Widow's husband's coworker: "I lost my dog recently so I know how your feeling I'm here to listen if you want"
    Widow's husband's coworker: "Sorry If I was rude, your just very beautiful I don't want to screw this up"
    Widow: "I'm not ready for anything like that" Widow's husband's coworker: "I'm a good guy I promise"
    Widow's husband's coworker: "Should have known you were just a pretty face. You aren't even that pretty"
    Widow's husband's coworker: "I'm good at taking care of women, especially ones like you"
    Widow's husband's coworker: "Your husband would want you to be with a man he knows will treat you right"

    6. This "nice guy," who approached a woman without her consent to talk about music, and called her "rude" for taking a disinterest in him:

    7. This "nice guy," who told a woman to "humble up" after she confidently posted a picture of herself on Snapchat:

    "Nice guy:" "You do have an incredible body, you just gotta humble up like I work out every day I have a decently attractive body"

    8. This "nice guy," who wrote an extremely alarming Tinder profile, which read: "Trying to marry someone before I turn 30 so I don't snap and chain someone in my basement for sexual satisfaction and reproduction":

    9. This "nice guy," who wouldn't take no for an answer, and ultimately insulted the woman he was "trying to make his friend":

    Woman: "I had a great time with you but unfortunately there was no spark on my end" "Nice guy:" "Oh wow...I got a completely different vibe from you last night"
    "Nice guy:" "You know, I'd be a lot more discouraged if you weren't as chubby and masculine"

    10. This "nice guy," who sent a woman a plethora of hateful Facebook messages and threatened to murder her because his messages were on read:

    11. This "nice guy," who was "totally honest and kind" with a woman he liked, and as soon as she set a healthy boundary, he verbally abused her:

    "Nice guy:" "I have trust and abandonment issues so I'm just used to people ghosting me and forgetting me so it's okay if you do it"
    Woman: "Don't expect me to send anything" "Nice guy:" "Not even talk like that stuff?" Woman: "No thank you I'm good" "Nice guy:" "Hahaha ok ugly motherfucker kys"

    12. This "nice guy," who said nothing but horrific things about dating women in their 20s:

    13. This "nice guy," who went on the LONGEST rant about women refusing to choose "good men" to date and marry:

    "Nice guy:" "Women are only responsive to abuse by majority so therefore is the only worthwhile approach to finding any pleasure in life"
    "Nice guy:" "When a man asks you a question tell the God damn truth and look him in the eye. Don't tell him you want him if you don't"

    14. This "nice guy," who used Betty White's death as an excuse to reconnect with someone and "wish them well:"

    15. This "nice guy," who took to his dating profile to slut-shame women who upload pictures of themselves on Instagram:

    16. This "nice guy," who was blocked by a woman online and somehow still managed to contact her:

    "Nice guy:" "Did you plan on unblocking me?"
    "Nice guy:" "I'm not mad that you don't want to f*ck me. I just hate being lied to when I've only been nice"
    "Nice guy:" "Having a family? Lol any child you have is going to hate you as a mother"

    17. This "nice guy," who was appalled that a woman wore her headphones out in public settings instead of talking to men:

    18. This "nice guy," who didn't know the meaning of rejection and instead took the opportunity to cruelly insult a woman:

    "Nice guy:" "You are not important enough member of society to expect random ppl like me to know shit ab you"
    "Nice guy:" "Either way I literally don't give a fuck"

    19. And this "nice guy," who unfairly expected the world out of a woman he had only been talking to for a day:

    "Nice guy:" "You couldn't say good morning or anything before you hopped on, so I see where your minds at"
    "Nice guy:" "It makes me mad you didn't even say good morning"
    "Nice guy:" "No one makes no effort or fail to see something that they did which was stupid"
    "Nice guy:" "Okay. Smh. For someone so interested you definitely didn't show it"
    "Nice guy:" "Coward. Probably blocked me anyways. But yeah dude you do the exact opposite of what to do when someone's definitely upset at you"
    "Nice guy:" "Furthermore when someone is upset with you the last thing you should do is not respond because that creates so much more"
    "Nice guy:" "You seem really attractive and really interested and then you 180 unaided didn't bother trying so fuck you"
    "Nice guy" texting from a new number: "You'll probably never find love"

    In conclusion:

    Cate Blanchett in "Carol" saying: "Jesus Christ"