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15 Amazing Things To Look Forward To When You're Older

Three words: cake for dinner.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best part about getting older. Here are the wise results.

1. Taking a nap is more socially acceptable.

Submitted by Annabelle Nicholson (Facebook)

2. You care less about what other people think of you.

Submitted by Megan Hungate (Facebook)

3. You become BFFs with your parents, and it's super awesome.

The WB / Via

Submitted by Monica Ames (Facebook)

4. You can choose to have cake and wine for dinner every night.

Bravo / Via

Submitted by MeliMarnies.

5. Your sexual experiences are 1,000 times better, and not at all awkward.

HBO / Via

Submitted by Nancy Elizabeth Brokmeier (Facebook)

6. You love spending a quiet night in with a few good friends and avoiding all social obligations.

Submitted by Kirk Lamirande (Facebook) and Chris Roll (Facebook)
NBC / Via Netflix

Submitted by Kirk Lamirande (Facebook) and Chris Roll (Facebook)

7. You aren't hesitant to speak your truthful mind.

NBC / Via

Submitted by CatSweetDee.

8. You choose whom you want to be friends with...

NBC / Via*obr2*306.png

Submitted by Kellee Freeman (Facebook)

9. And you can count on them for anything.

NBC / Via

Submitted by Danielle Robinson (Facebook)

10. You're not as afraid to take a risk when it comes to your job.

Submitted by elenateresay.
Fox / Via Netflix

Submitted by elenateresay.

11. You no longer maintain relationships with people who make you feel bad.

Submitted by sarahc4f707250a.

12. You also don't waste your time on dramatic situations.

ABC / Via

Submitted by aye123.

13. You have financial independence from your parents.

14. Younger people look to you for sound advice, and you feel super wise because of it.

Nickelodeon / Via

Submitted by kohaku84.

15. And you've been through enough shit to know everything will be OK.

Fox / Via

Submitted by johannal4da507826.

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