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17 Things Siblings Do In TV Shows And Movies That Make ZERO Sense To Everyone

Not all siblings refer to each other as "bro" or "sis."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most unrealistic things siblings do in TV shows and movies. Here are the frustrating results.

1. If they go to school together, one sibling is alllllways popular and the other sibling is a total outcast.


2. They refer to each other as "bro" or "sis" instead of their actual names.

3. We see them dress up in ridiculous, matching outfits — ESPECIALLY if they're twins.

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4. Older brothers are weirdly over protective of their sisters when it comes to their dating lives.


5. In TV shows and movies, we see siblings get into huge fights and *immediately* make up afterwards with a corny hug.

6. They creepily speak in unison and finish each other's sentences.


7. Twins are always treated as one person instead of two people with different minds and personalities.

8. If we see sisters on the big screen, they have completely opposite style choices just for the sake of the plot.

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9. They portray the younger sister of the family as a tough and sassy old thing.


10. Step-siblings have this suuuuper weird, sexual attraction to each other.

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11. Siblings are constantly fighting to get control over the TV remote, the bathroom, or the front seat of their mom's car.


12. They aren't afraid to cross the line and date their sibling's best friend.

13. For some reason they pull really strange, random pranks on each other.

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14. Siblings are weirdly personal with their bodies and do inappropriate things at an older age, like bathe together.

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15. They break out into dramatic, physical fights with each other, especially if there's a big age difference.


16. And the younger sibling always sneaks into the older sibling's room to read their diary.


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