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    19 Times "The Princess Diaries" Was Literally A Cinematic Masterpiece

    "So we don't schlump like this!"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite moment from The Princess Diaries. Here are the iconic results.

    1. When Lilly was the realest teenager of them all.

    2. When Mia had a MAJOR brain freeze and Prime Minister Motaz helped her the only way he knew how.

    3. When Vice Principal Gupta was way too excited about Clarisse coming to the high school.

    4. And when she did everything in her power to make Clarisse comfortable.

    5. When Lilly let Jeremiah know just what women want.

    6. When Clarisse wasn't afraid to fire right back at Mia.

    7. When Mia stood up for herself against Lana and smeared an ICE CREAM CONE on her cheerleading uniform.

    8. And when Vice Principal Gupta threw Lana an additional burn.

    9. When Clarisse gave Mia princess etiquette lessons and lost her patience just a bit.

    10. When Paolo got his sweet revenge on Mia during the makeover scene.

    11. When Joe didn't hold back his brilliant humor and wit.

    12. When Mia accidentally fell on the bleachers in the middle of an important conversation.

    13. When Mia took Clarisse out on an eventful ride in her Mustang.

    14. And when Clarisse pretended to knight the officers so they wouldn't arrest Mia for crashing the Mustang.

    15. When Clarisse wasn't up-to-date on the hip early-2000s lingo.

    16. When Joe taught Mia how to dance like a princess and she was utterly confused.

    17. When a random speaker yelled at Mia in multiple languages to get off the grass.

    18. When these two nuns witnessed Mia's car crash into the trolley.

    19. And when Lilly was the most supportive friend in the universe.