22 Lord Voldemort Dance Moves You Need In Your Life

Voldemort is definitely the Lord of the Dance.

1. Disco with the Death Eaters

A little “Saturday Night Fever” on the beach never killed anybody.

2. A Wizard’s Ballet

Cartoon Network / Via sararye.tumblr.com

Hands up, toes pointed.

3. The Dark Magic Night

“It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark.”

4. The Death Eater Hand Flip

Harry Potter is what I prefer, what I deserve.

5. The Tom Riddle Crump

[Uns uns uns]

6. The Unholy Trinity

“I Say An Evil Curse For You.”

7. The “It’s Tom Riddle, bitch”

You’re a, slaaaaaave, for him.

8. The Work It Out Wizards Pump

Don’t look so unhappy, Severus.

9. Lord Look At That Body Thrust

Voldemort’s sexy and he knows it.

10. The Riddle Hips Don’t Lie move

No fighting, no fighting.

11. Run The Wizarding World Shake

Who run the half bloods? RIDDLE.

12. The Toxic Tom

He’s toxic, muggles slipping under.

13. The Lord of the Spotlight Jitter

All the death eaters who truly feel me, throw your hands up at me.

14. The Death Eaters Groove

Avada Kedavra this.

15. The Me Against the Potter Swerve

Work that cane.

16. The Slytherin ‘Round the Mic dance

With a hint of “The Carlton.”

17. The Dark Lord Wiggle

Boom boom boom.

18. The Tom Riddle Bust

He’s killing them softly, with his dark magic.

19. The Dark Lord Hands in the Air

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via gaiaonline.com

Muggles make him lose control, muggles make him lose control.

20. The Rolling Riddle

When the Lord’s in the castle, wizards.

21. The Harry and Ron Bridge

Just keep Slytherin.

22. The Slytherin Pump

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via fr0stbitten.tumblr.com

Drop the bass, Tom Riddle.

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