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22 Lord Voldemort Dance Moves You Need In Your Life

Voldemort is definitely the Lord of the Dance.

1. Disco with the Death Eaters / Via

A little "Saturday Night Fever" on the beach never killed anybody.

2. A Wizard's Ballet

Cartoon Network / Via

Hands up, toes pointed.

3. The Dark Magic Night / Via

"It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark."

4. The Death Eater Hand Flip / Via

Harry Potter is what I prefer, what I deserve.

5. The Tom Riddle Crump / Via

[Uns uns uns]

6. The Unholy Trinity

Fox / Via

"I Say An Evil Curse For You."

7. The "It's Tom Riddle, bitch" / Via

You're a, slaaaaaave, for him.

8. The Work It Out Wizards Pump / Via

Don't look so unhappy, Severus.

9. Lord Look At That Body Thrust / Via

Voldemort's sexy and he knows it.

10. The Riddle Hips Don't Lie move


No fighting, no fighting.

11. Run The Wizarding World Shake / Via

Who run the half bloods? RIDDLE.

12. The Toxic Tom / Via

He's toxic, muggles slipping under.

13. The Lord of the Spotlight Jitter / Via

All the death eaters who truly feel me, throw your hands up at me.

14. The Death Eaters Groove


Avada Kedavra this.

15. The Me Against the Potter Swerve / Via

Work that cane.

16. The Slytherin 'Round the Mic dance / Via

With a hint of "The Carlton."

17. The Dark Lord Wiggle / Via

Boom boom boom.

18. The Tom Riddle Bust / Via

He's killing them softly, with his dark magic.

19. The Dark Lord Hands in the Air

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Muggles make him lose control, muggles make him lose control.

20. The Rolling Riddle / Via

When the Lord's in the castle, wizards.

21. The Harry and Ron Bridge


Just keep Slytherin.

22. The Slytherin Pump

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Drop the bass, Tom Riddle.

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