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    50 Of Leslie Knope's Most Iconic Lines On "Parks And Recreation"

    "The thing about youth culture is... I don't understand it."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their absolute favorite Leslie Knope quote. Here are the amazing results.

    1. When she blessed us with this iconic BFF motto.

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    2. When she never failed to keep her eye on the prize.



    3. When Leslie was devastated after she discovered her true origins.

    4. When she ranked the most important things in her life.

    5. When she embraced her true self.

    6. When she was anxious about going on a date based on her past experiences...


    7. ...because they were seriously horrible!

    8. When Leslie got way too competitive during Model UN.

    9. When she wasn't afraid to show her undying love for Ann.

    10. When she was ridiculously sick with the flu.

    11. When she never forgot about her beliefs, even during fun times.

    12. When she thought she ate a special brownie.

    13. When Leslie was an absolute queen.

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    14. When she got drunk and showed up to her crush's house.

    15. And when she found out Ben started dating someone after they broke up.

    16. When she let her confidence shine bright.

    17. When Leslie said everything we're thinking.

    18. When she invited herself on Ron's hunting trip with the guys.

    19. When she got super drunk off Snake Juice.

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    —Kimberly Nicole Pelmont, Facebook

    20. And when she totally regretted it the next morning.


    21. When Leslie made these sweet wedding vows to Ben.


    22. When she freaked out over meeting the GOAT, Michelle Obama.

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    —Lindsay Katherine Kupcake, Facebook

    23. When she left herself an encouraging voicemail.

    24. When she entered a drinking contest against the Tammys to win Ron back.

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    25. When she brilliantly shut down a sexist person.

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    26. When she refused to let the Pawnee Public Arts Commission to dismantle Jerry's painting of her.

    27. And when Leslie went to her first gay bar.

    28. When she asked Ann for fashion advice.

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    29. When she was frustrated she couldn't act on her feelings for Ben.

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    30. When she was sick and wouldn't admit herself to the hospital.

    31. And when she escaped the hospital to make a speech.

    32. When Leslie had her first and only fight with her sweet wife, Ann.

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    33. When she felt like her life was at a complete standstill.

    34. When she explained why she was attracted to Ben.

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    35. And when Greg Pikitis stapled her dress to a tablecloth.


    36. When Leslie made sure her friends were living their best lives.

    37. When she couldn't help but show some love for her hero Hillary Clinton.

    38. When she tracked down Ron's hiding place and came prepared.

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    39. When she defended Ann's honor...

    40. ...because there was no one else in the world she loved more than Ann Perkins.

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    41. When she showed us just how ~freaky~ she really was.

    42. When Leslie was the queen of puns.

    43. When she never strayed away from her true personality.

    44. When she was the nerdiest nerd to ever nerd.

    45. When she was excited anytime Ben read her mind.

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    46. And when Leslie was shocked by everyone's assumptions of her.

    47. When she was the hardest worker Pawnee had ever seen.

    48. When she couldn't believe "Pistol" Pete saw through Ann's sperm donor scheme.

    49. When she tried her best not to be awkward.

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    —Najwa Naser, Facebook

    50. And when Leslie was an inspiration to us all.