It's Impossible To Hate Keke Palmer, And If You Disagree, Here Are 15 Of Her Best Moments

    Remember when Keke wore pants with Leo DiCaprio's face all over them?

    1. When she went on Steve Harvey and let everyone know just how awful Rose from Titanic really was.

    Keke arguing that Rose let Jack freeze to death in "Titanic"

    2. And when she showed her love for Leonardo DiCaprio by rocking these awesome pants with his face all over them.

    3. When Wendy Williams asked Keke if she was sexually fluid, and she responded in the most confident and mindful way.

    Keke explaining that love is defined by the person

    4. When she wasn't afraid to confront the National Guard at a Black Lives Matter protest in LA, and asked them to march with her and the rest of the protesters.

    5. When she created a TikTok account dedicated to her Southern alter ego, Lady Miss Jacqueline, and gave us the kind of entertainment we desperately needed this year.

    Keke acting as her alter ego in an extravagant manner, using a hand fan

    6. When she brilliantly came to Halle Bailey's defense after she received racist backlash for being cast as Ariel in the live-action Little Mermaid.

    7. When Keke revealed in Harper's Bazaar that she mostly uses her huge social media presence to uplift people the best way she can.

    "If I'm gonna be someone that's looked at, I wanna try my best to uplift other people like me. Whether they be Black, whether they be women -- if I can be that voice, why not?"

    8. When she appeared on The Breakfast Club in 2018 and talked candidly about the discrimination Black women face when sharing their experiences with sexual assault.

    Keke to DJ Envy: "If I say something, I'm saying something for a reason. And I feel like so many times Black women say stuff, and nobody gives a sh*t. But when somebody of another complexion says something it's like: "We're taking it to court"

    9. When she was the ultimate BFF to Hustlers co-star Lili Reinhart and gave her all kinds of praise while taking a BuzzFeed quiz.

    Lili: "And I''m just blonde." Keke: "You're edgy pop, you're edgy pop!" Lili: I guess so.

    10. When she hilariously poked fun at herself and created some of the most relatable memes on Instagram.

    11. When she participated in the Hot Ones challenge and literally sweated while trying to eat the last spicy wing.

    Keke struggling to eat the last spicy hot wing and drinking milk to cool the spice down

    12. When she was all of us and nearly lost it after her ultimate celebrity crush, Michael Ealy, surprised her with a bouquet of flowers.

    Keke describing Michael Ealy at a red carpet, then Michael surprising her mid-talk with a bouquet of flowers. They embrace and she can't contain her excitement

    13. When she went on The Queen Latifah Show and absolutely nailed her Angela Bassett crying impersonation.

    14. When she went on Twitter and gave her followers genuine words of love, support, and encouragement during this truly difficult year.

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but just cause you’ve been doing it for a long time doesn’t mean your time isn’t coming. You may not be new to this but you’re true to this!! Hard work DOES pay off, it’s a marathon not a race. Keep making moves no matter who’s watching.

    15. And when Keke wasn't afraid to admit that she had no idea who Dick Cheney was during her Vanity Fair lie detector test.

    Keke confused about who Dick Cheney is in a hilarious and unapologetic way