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    23 Reasons Jessica Lange Is The Most Flawless Human To Ever Exist


    1. First things first: Jessica Lange is the realest.

    FX / Via

    2. There's no doubt that she's supremely gorgeous...

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    3. And that she's been a superstar since the beginning of her career.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Jessica in All That Jazz? Incredible.

    4. She's still slaying the masses at 65 years old, being the face for Marc Jacobs Beauty in 2014.

    Mikael Jansson / Marc Jacobs / Via


    5. All in all, girl only gets better with age.

    6. Jessica has a wonderfully witty sense of humor.

    NBC / Via
    NBC / Via
    NBC / Via

    7. Most importantly, she can throw shade like nobody else.

    NBC / Via

    8. She's basically the Queen of Shade.

    NBC / Via

    ~Not impressed with your shit~

    9. Before she was an actress, she used to be a mime...

    ABC / Via

    10. Proving that she can basically do anything and be incredible at it.

    MGM / Via

    Slay, girl.

    11. She knows how to brilliantly respond to sexist behavior.

    Young Hollywood / Via


    12. Jessica plays strong female characters, like Frances Farmer in Frances...

    Universal Pictures / Via

    13. And Julie Nichols in Tootsie.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    14. She's still an amazing friend, even when she beats them at the Emmys.

    Getty Images for FOX Michael Buckner


    15. She says brilliant things like this:

    Bravo / Via


    16. She's someone who's all about bringing the fun.


    17. Because Jessica is an absolute force of nature.

    FX / Via

    This. Forever.

    18. She has two Oscars, three Golden Globe Awards, and three Primetime Emmy Awards under her belt.


    She won her first Oscar for Tootsie in 1983 and her first Primetime Emmy for Grey Gardens in 2009.

    19. Her power is basically unstoppable.

    NBC / Via

    She is after all, the Supreme.

    20. She makes everything in her life seem so effortless.

    Antonio Lopez / Via

    21. But she's extremely humble at the same time.

    22. She's a flawless human who will always run the world.

    Paramount Pictures / Via


    ABC / Via
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