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Ben Affleck Essentially Blamed His Marriage To Jennifer Garner For His Alcoholism In A New Interview, And People Are NOT Having It

"Ben Affleck never deserved Jennifer Garner, and has spent 17 years proving that."

In his latest interview, Ben Affleck went on Howard Stern and talked about all sorts of stuff, like his new relationship with Jennifer Lopez, his kids, and his history with alcoholism.

Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the premiere for "The Tender Bar"

Affleck then discussed how his 13-year marriage to Jennifer Garner broke his sobriety, saying: "It's part of why I started drinking…because I was trapped."

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck at the Golden Globes in 2007

He essentially blames their marriage for drinking again, and a whole lot of people are upset by his comments (considering Affleck's alcoholism started long before his relationship with Garner).

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner talking on the street in LA in 2020

Jennifer Garner fans are taking to Twitter to show their unconditional love and support for her because...well, how could you not? She's an angel on earth and dealt with a lot of Ben Affleck's nonsense during their marriage.

So, here are some of the best reactions so far:

1. Are you out there, Ben Affleck? It's us, the Jennifer Garner hive.

Ben Affleck: I would've 'still' been drinking if I stayed married to Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner: *helps him to rehab 3 full years after they’ve already separated *

/ SplashNews.com , Twitter: @chicagobonjour

2. And we're here to let you know that you messed up, dude.

He was an addict before Jennifer Garner alcohol and gambling and who knows what else.Didn’t he cheat on her with their nanny? She took care of his drunk ass even when they were divorced. https://t.co/bOUvE7a44U

BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images , Twitter: @CelestialxFirex

3. Like...you really, really messed up.

So casually cruel in the name of being honest! Pretty shitty. He was drinking long before her. She stood by him after he cheated. She takes care of the kids while he’s off living the JLo lifestyle. Jennifer Garner saved Ben Affleck’s life and career. He should show more grace. https://t.co/CQGvGozuIV

Twitter: @cmcubfan

4. You messed up.

Jennifer Garner escapes abusive marriage to narcissistic alcoholic There, I fixed it for you. https://t.co/sDuE7CO39u

Twitter: @EssendonBomber

5. You messed up, dude.

Ben Affleck blaming Jennifer Garner proves he also has an accountability problem as well.

Twitter: @travelong6

6. You messed up.

Damn, I didn't know Ben Affleck was such a d!ck..a respectable man would not speak ill of the beautiful mother of his kids..he could just simply say "no comment" or stop mentioning Jennifer Garner if all he has to say is small d!ck energy comments sheesh..glad Jennifer free

Twitter: @SassDaLeoAhole

7. You messed up, dude.

This is why you can’t trust people who drink Dunkin’ Donuts religiously. Once or twice is fine but after that the swamp water rots your brain and you go on Howard Stern and blame your alcoholism on Jennifer Garner and your kids who are old enough to read about it. https://t.co/6WrbO8ks2C

BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images , Twitter: @dianelyssa

8. You messed up.

jennifer garner is an icon who deserves the world. that is all.

Twitter: @sweetenedkaty

9. You messed up, dude.

reminder: ben affleck can give 100 🗑️ interviews about jennifer garner, but she only needs one to absolutely destroy him

Twitter: @coledelbyck

10. You messed up.

I think Abe Lincoln said it best: Better to remain silent and be thought a dick than to speak on Howard Stern about Jennifer Garner and remove all doubt. #BenAffleck

Twitter: @aliciaatlarge

11. You messed up, dude.

Twitter: @keeleyjones_iwm

12. You messed up.

When you can’t accept that your drinking problem is because of you, you still have a drinking problem. Jennifer Garner didn’t drive Ben Affleck to drink, she did however drive him to rehab probably saving his life.

Twitter: @Boeing74

13. You messed up, dude.

#BenAffleck what an ass hole, any men married to #JenniferGarner should consider himself a very lucky men. Saying this, without thinking of his daughters.

Twitter: @DarkEmmanuel

14. You messed up.

Is this man serious😒 is he seriously throwing Jennifer garner under the bus even though she was there for him in his lowest moments, taking him to rehab, keeping a dignified silence after their divorce, putting her kids and him first and this is how Ben Affleck repays her. This https://t.co/FVLQNNY11A

Twitter: @Bani78778984

15. You messed up, dude.

So because Ben Affleck felt trapped in his marriage to Jennifer Garner he started drinking and then sleeping with the nanny (he left the nanny bit out). He felt so trapped in his marriage that 3yrs after they separated, Jennifer had to drive him to rehab.

Twitter: @twa96

16. You messed up.

Free PR lesson for Ben Affleck: I drank because I was unhappy. End the sentence RIGHT THERE. Don't mention your ex-wife, mother of your children, and general ray of sunshine Jennifer Garner. Because SHE IS NOT WHY YOU DRANK, YOU INSUFFERABLE ASSBAG.

Twitter: @cynlu820

17. You messed up, dude.

#BenAffleck #JenniferGarner Wonder how Jen felt cuz you "drank alot" and fucked around? We won't know cuz she's too much of a lady and good Mom spill to the world. Nobody would blame her if she did now tho. #teamJenniferGarner

Twitter: @QueenFreddieB

18. You messed up.

Ben Affleck never deserved Jennifer Garner and has spent the last 17 years proving that.

Twitter: @SomeKindOfLuvly

19. You messed up, dude.

Jennifer Garner is an angel on earth and I swear if this man disrespects her again https://t.co/4WxGz5o3u7

Twitter: @OliviaLilyMarks

20. You messed up.

Jennifer Garner’s friends telling her not to read Ben Affleck’s interview with Howard Stern…

Twitter: @teatime75

21. You messed up, dude.

Ben Affleck and Chris Pratt prove more and more everyday that Jennifer Garner and Anna Faris were the real MVP’s in their respective relationships. https://t.co/zLCVrU59wh

Twitter: @FionaSmall

22. You messed up.

Ben Affleck blaming his marriage for his drinking problem. Nope. #DickMove Jennifer Garner is not gonna shoulder the blame for your alcoholism. That’s so shitty.

Twitter: @CleoEverest

23. You messed up, dude.

jennifer garner pls talk shit about ben’s ugly phoenix tattoo again challenge

Twitter: @arehzed

24. You messed up.

Protect #JenniferGarner at all costs. She is one of the only truly beautiful souls in Hollywood. She doesn't deserve to be publicly trashed. Especially by someone like #BenAffleck

Twitter: @siamese__dreams

25. You messed up, dude.

Ben Affleck was an alcoholic before Jennifer Garner and he was still an alcoholic 3 years after they separated when she dragged his drunk, cheating ass to rehab. He is only alive because of Jennifer Garner so he can fucking choke.

Twitter: @ThatBoyyJacob1

26. You messed up.

@chris_notcapn To be blunt, Jennifer Garner was always way out of his league. To be clear, I’m not talking about her looks. I’m talking about how Garner was willing to try to make it work for her kids, & for him, despite his issues, & he just had no ability to appreciate what she had to offer.

BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images , Twitter: @seawells68

27. You messed up, dude.

Ben Affleck should have kept this story about Jennifer Garner to himself. Especially since she continued to be supportive of him after the divorce.

Twitter: @athena242020

28. You messed up.

Jennifer Garner was always way too good for Ben Affleck.

Twitter: @ExorcisingErica

29. You messed up, dude.

Ben Affleck need to keep Jennifer Garner's name tf out of his mouth. I really, really don't like this man. https://t.co/tiOvmPTpMu

Twitter: @jodellabranch

30. You messed up.

Less than friendly reminder that Jennifer Garner drove his ass to rehab when they were already estranged and stopped to get him food at a drive-thru en route while she was supposed to be on vacation/break with their kids out of town. https://t.co/GcuYRB0G3O

BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images , Twitter: @lelaballerina

31. You messed up, dude.

i need this man to SHUT UP about jennifer garner because any time he opens his damn mouth he tries to blame her for his shitty behavior while they were married, when she was supporting his recovery even AFTER their divorce https://t.co/hdeLfjA6Vq

David Fisher/Shutterstock , Twitter: @ericasIaughter

32. You messed up.

ben affleck on angel wife jennifer garner even after she helped him to rehab after they separated

Twitter: @arehzed

33. You messed up, dude.

Ben Affleck, addicted to sex, gambling and alcohol. Sounds to me like Jennifer Garner was the one in an insufferable marriage.

Twitter: @phe_parker

34. You messed up.

Ben Affleck hasn't had a good movie in all my time on earth. He's awful in everything. He was horrible as batman, daredevil and his action hero films were always lackluster. No one asked you to stay with Jennifer Garner. He wants to blame the issues on her, but the problem is you

Twitter: @miyanaire1998

35. You messed up, dude.

Jennifer Garner is the most adorable person on the planet. Shame on Ben Affleck. Shame. Shame. Shame. https://t.co/9bJhGKET1N

Twitter: @jaegravley

36. You messed up.

Ben Affleck was pounding scotch, passing out in front of the kids, and cheating with the nanny. Jennifer Garner 👏 was trapped 👏 in that marriage. 👏

Twitter: @RadziwillLee

37. You messed up, dude.

#JenniferGarner deserves way more credit than that trash talking #BenAffleck had to say about her!!

Twitter: @Shanaliag

38. And you realllllly messed up.

There’s a lot I want to say about Ben Affleck but it basically all boils down to him being a gross human being. Jennifer Garner is an angel among us & I hope she continues to heal & thrive without him.

Twitter: @_supershepherd

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