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    15 Interesting Harry Styles Facts You Probably Didn't Know Until Reading This Post

    Did you know his first celebrity crush was Jennifer Aniston?

    1. When Harry Styles first met Stevie Nicks backstage after a Fleetwood Mac show, he gave her a carrot cake for her birthday.

    Harry and Stevie Nicks pose together backstage at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
    Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    2. When Harry experimented with mushrooms during the recording of Fine Line at Shangri-La studios, he accidentally bit the tip of his tongue off.

    Harry sticking his tongue out in the "Lights Up" music video
    Columbia / Erskine

    He told Rolling Stone in 2019: "I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth. So many fond memories."

    3. One of his favorite One Direction memories is when the band had their first group picture featured in a newspaper, and they all went to a newsstand the following morning to buy copies and marvel at it over breakfast.

    Apple Music / Via

    4. When he was 15 years old, he used to work at a bakery.

    Harry and Louis Tomlinson on "This Morning" talk show wearing chefs hats
    ITV Studios

    5. His first celebrity crush was Jennifer Aniston.

    Harry Styles hosting "SNL;" Jennifer Aniston at the 2020 SAG Awards
    NBC / Leon Bennett / Getty Images

    6. Harry helped a fan come out to her mom at one of his shows in 2018 after he saw her sign that read: "I'm gonna come out to my parents because of you."

    A block of rainbow text that reads: "Tina! She's gay!" and a photo of Harry performing at an entertainment event in 2017
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    7. He wrote "Falling" in just a shower towel with Fine Line songwriter and producer Kid Harpoon in only 20 minutes.

    Columbia / Erskine

    8. Harry got a Green Bay Packers tattoo after a tricky bet he made with his friends.

    Harry on "NPR" explaining how he got his Green Bay Packers tattoo before the bet even started
    NPR / Via

    9. And when he was a kid, his dream profession was to be a physical therapist for football (soccer) players.

    Harry on BBC Radio explaining his dream profession of wanting to be a physical therapist
    BBC Radio 2 / Via Twitter: @BBCRadio2

    10. Before he made it big in One Direction, he used to be in a band with his friends in high school, and even wrote an original song about luggage.

    A block of text from a Rolling Stone interview about writing a song called "Gone in a Week;" Harry competing on "The X-Factor"
    Syco Entertainment / Via

    11. Harry donated his hair back in 2016 to the Little Princess Trust, an organization that provides hair and wigs to young cancer patients.

    Harry on a red carpet in 2015 with long hair; Harry in 2017 with shorter hair above his ears
    Jason Merritt / Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    12. After One Direction disbanded and he moved to California, he started going to therapy.

    Apple Music / Via

    13. He also took a transcendental meditation course and he now meditates on a regular basis.

    Harry meditation in-between takes while shooting the "Watermelon Sugar" music video
    Columbia / Erskine

    14. One night after he took Stevie Nicks out to dinner, she went back to his house with her friends to listen to Fine Line and didn't leave until six in the morning.

    The Howard Stern Show / Via

    15. And Harry Styles has four nipples.

    Harry Styles shirtless in the "Kiss You" music video for One Direction, covering his four nipples; Harry Styles wearing a fisherman's hat while shirtless in the "Golden" music video
    Syco / Columbia / Erskine