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    31 Toxic Men Who Were Truly Delusional, Ignorant, And Clueless When It Came To A Woman's Worth In The World

    A man 100% thought a woman needed to orgasm in order to conceive a child...I...

    Warning: This post contains topics of verbal abuse, domestic abuse, and anti-gay comments. Please proceed with caution.

    1. This man, who had zero point zero respect for women's boundaries:

    2. This man, who had seriously disgusting thoughts regarding sexual consent:

    3. This man, who fully believed gynecology appointments existed because women "pretend" their "vaginas have so many problems:"

    4. And this man, who made the stupidest assumption about how gynecology appointments actually go down:

    5. This man, who totally disrespected a woman who identified as a lesbian:

    6. This man, who fully believed a woman needed to orgasm in order to conceive a child:

    7. This man, who made a strange and random assumption about women who wear ankle bracelets:

    8. This man, who manipulated his significant other with "I love you" text messages:

    9. This man, who made a cruel comment after a woman bravely posted, "My value isn't based on my sexual history:"

    10. This man, who made up completely random statistics about the amount of blood women lose during their periods:

    11. This man, who needed a "valid source" to confirm that women "rely on men:"

    12. This man, who had a "genius theory" about women who dyed their hair a different color:

    13. And this man, who fully believed women with rainbow-colored hair were downright untrustworthy:

    Woman with rainbow-colored hair while a man comments: "Blue hair does not make you attractive or give you attention in any positive way"

    14. This office, who hung up a "humorous" poster about women, which was actually really degrading:

    Some "jokes" include: "Common use of women are highly ornamental, especially in sports cars:"

    Other "jokes:" "Turns green when placed alongside a superior specimen"

    15. This man, who was ridiculously ignorant and believed women didn't have a place in the gaming world:

    16. This man, who wanted to drink milk from a woman's breast and mansplained how it all worked to her:

    17. This man, who didn't think women should have opinions of their own, and if you "caught them early enough," then they "would agree with you and not be corrupted:"

    18. This man, who claimed women who wore Vans sneakers were "sluts," and only wore them because they hated their "soft, feminine nature:"

    19. This man, who honest-to-God thought women weren't as athletically evolved as men:

    20. This man, who had extremelyyyyyy damaging views when it came to monogamy and romantic relationships:

    "If a man cheats, a real woman would go on her knees, kiss his feet, and apologize for not being perfect"
    "A good, loyal woman stays and supports her unfaithful man in difficult times"

    21. This man, who was 100% convinced that LGBTQ women didn't enjoy sex unless it was penetrative:

    22. This man, who thought telling a woman "she's beautiful" was a far superior compliment than telling her she's smart:

    Woman: "For future reference never tell a girl she's too pretty to save the world" Man: "They like it, ur just weird"

    23. This man, who disGUSTINGLY commented on a woman's right to her own body:

    24. These men, who couldn't "accept" a woman's sexuality unless it involved them:

    25. This man, who made a grand, incorrect assumption about women having hobbies and being glued to social media:

    26. This man, who believed a woman turned down a public proposal because she was cheating on him:

    Man: "She most definitely cheating — any woman turning down a proposal has something happening on the side he took initiative and she said fuq it"

    27. This institution, who put up an extremely sexist sign indicating the "woman's bathroom:"

    28. This man, who couldn't imagine the AUDACITY of a woman having a sense of humor:

    29. This man, who thought it was totally unfair that women were "allowed" to see male gynos, but "got angry" when their significant others went to strip clubs:

    30. This man, who came up with a truly bizarre list of expectations to "make women better people:"

    31. And this awful, awful man, who didn't have "patience" whenever his girlfriend got her period, and took it as a sign that "she needed to get pregnant ASAP:"

    Man: "I hate to be callous, but [your period's] just your body telling you to hurry up and get pregnant"