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How Much Of A '90s Kid Were You Really?

Nostalgic points if you ate Oreo O's while playing Nintendo.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what they miss most about the '90s, resulting in the most nostalgic quiz ever.

  1. 1. Check off all that apply.

    You purposefully woke up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons.
    And stayed in every Friday night for "TGIF."
    Sugar cereals, like Oreo O's and French Toast Crunch, were perfectly balanced meals to you.
    You spent hours on a landline phone talking with your BFF.
    Your fingers would turn numb from playing your Game Boy Color so much.
    The Mary-Kate and Ashley movies made you wish you were a twin.
    And "Power Rangers" made you want to conquer the world.
    You had sexual fantasies about Luke Perry or Sarah Michelle Gellar.
    Half of your wardrobe consisted of denim in the form of jackets, shorts, and overalls.
    Lisa Frank notebooks, folders, and stickers lived in your school locker.
    You made heartfelt mix-tapes on a cassette for your friends.
    Rollerblading was your go-to form of transportation.
    Being a cast member on Nickelodeon's "All That" was a life goal.
    You spent hours glued in front of the TV playing "Super Mario World" on Nintendo.
    And enjoyed defeating your friends in "Mortal Kombat."
    You gave yourself Frosted Tips like Justin Timberlake in your bathroom.
    Or a fresh Hi-top Fade like Will Smith.
    You would get a sugar high from the countless cans of Surge you consumed.
    You blasted "Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa on your stereo when your parents weren't home.
    And rapped "Mo Money Mo Problems" by Biggie in front of your mirror.
    You owned so many neon-colored t-shirts, your closet looked like a rainbow.
    The only piece of jewelry you went shopping for at the mall was a slap bracelet.
    And you bought the entire oversized t-shirt section at the Gap.
    Your bedroom walls were covered with posters of the Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears.
    You wanted to subscribe to Nickelodeon Magazine.
    The best way to spend your summer was with a Super Soaker.
    You wore flannel shirts so much that it eventually matched all of your other clothes.
    Your wish came true when you got a Tamagotchi for your birthday.
    But it sadly died 24 hours later.
    When Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder broke up, you were completely devastated.
    You went to the candy store to buy Spice Girls lollipops.
    And you tried to collect all 24 Spice Girls stickers found inside.
    You wore a neon-colored fanny pack to school to hold your pencils and candy.
    You went to see "Titanic" in the movie theater and cried hysterically.
    You whipped out "The Carlton" dance at every birthday party you went to.
    Playing Pogs was the best way to make friends with someone at school.
    You rooted for the Chicago Bulls during the NBA Finals because Michael Jordan was an inspiration.
    When you were supposed to be in bed, you recorded your parents' secret conversations with a Talkboy.
    You wanted to be charming like Zack Morris, but deep down you were totally nerdy like Steve Urkel.
    And you wholeheartedly believed no other decade would ever top the greatness of the '90s.

How Much Of A '90s Kid Were You Really?

You're a casual '90s kid! You might not remember 100% of the decade, but that doesn't mean you didn't enjoy it! Your mom and dad probably let you use purple ketchup and watch "Rugrats" after nap time. The '90s were amazing, and you were lucky to be apart of them.

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You're a true product of the '90s! You watched "Full House" so much that you started to think Kimmy Gibbler was basically your neighbor. You dressed in funky neon colors and patterns, and knew every single word to "Jump" by Kris Kross. You owned a Game Boy Color and totally crushed your friends in Pogs.

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You're a '90s kid through and through! You probably used the catchphrase "Girl powaaaa!" on a regular basis and wore flannel shirts and overalls to school. You spent hours glued in front of the TV watching TGIF and learned more from "Boy Meets World's" Mr. Feeny than your actual school teacher.

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You're as '90s as it gets! Your closet was filled with bright neon colors, and you probably looped the Backstreet Boys, Whitney Houston, and Nirvana on your walkman. You'll always be nostalgic for the '90s, 'cause they were dope... just like you!

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