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    15 Horrible Decisions Men Made In Rom-Coms That Prove They're Just The Absolute Worst

    Repeat after me: Warner from Legally Blonde is trash!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the absolute worst decisions male characters have ever made in rom-com movies. Here are the frustrating results.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. In Sex and the City, when Mr. Big left Carrie at the altar after EVERYTHING he'd already put her through in the original TV series.

    Big talking to Carrie on his cellphone in the car, telling her he "Can't do this"
    Warner Bros. Pictures / HBO Films

    2. In A Christmas Prince, when Richard proposed to Amber after knowing her for only a week, and he expected her to just drop her entire life in New York for him.

    Richard proposing to Amber at night in the middle of the snow

    "She was lying to him for most of the time, and he asked her to become his queen. If I were one of his subjects, I’d be really concerned."


    3. In Legally Blonde, when Warner took Elle out to a super-fancy restaurant, only to break up with her in the middle of dinner in a very public, humiliating way.

    Warner breaking up with Elle at a restaurant with a couple looking over in disbelief


    4. In Two Weeks Notice, when George played strip poker with June behind Lucy's back, and Lucy walked in on the whole situation.

    George and June getting awkwardly caught playing strip poker by Lucy
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    5. In Booksmart, when Nick left Molly high and dry at the beer pong table after flirting with her all night, only to make out with another girl in the pool.

    Nick and Molly flirting with each other while playing ping pong; Nick and Ryan making out at night in the pool
    United Artists Releasing


    6. In Crazy Rich Asians, when Nick didn't warn Rachel that she'd be meeting his ex-girlfriend (who would ultimately manipulate her) on their trip to Singapore.

    Amanda telling Rachel how she used to date Nick, and how much their families wanted them to get married while they're getting massages during the bachelor/bachelorette trip
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "Obviously he should have told her how stupidly rich his family was, but the biggest eye-roll for me was when Rachel was ambushed by his ex about his previous relationships. How emotionally immature do you have to be to not prepare your partner for possible meetings with exes?"


    7. In The Broken Hearts Gallery, when Nick interrupted Lucy's important speech at her first art gallery opening just to profess his love for her.

    Lucy annoyed that Nick interrupted her speech at the art gallery to profess his love, and visibly oerwhelmed that the entire crowd is chanting "Love him back! Love him back!"
    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "Like, couldn’t have waited until later?"


    8. In The Princess Diaries, when Josh only kissed Mia in front of the paparazzi to get his own 15 seconds of fame.


    9. In To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, when Peter K. revealed that he was really waiting for Gen at the hot tub, lying to Laura Jean about it the whole time they were together.

    Lara Jean revealing to Peter she finally knows the truth about him, Gen, and the hot tub right before he's going to an away lacrosse game

    10. In You've Got Mail, when Joe cruelly decided not to admit that he was NY152 once he realized Kathleen was Shopgirl, and manipulated her for months and months once they became friends IRL.

    Joe looking at Kathleen sitting by herself in the café through the window
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    11. In The Graduate, when Ben ruined Elaine's wedding and convinced her to run away with him, even though he wasn't totally sure if he loved her.

    Benjamin and Elaine sitting in the back of a bus together, looking content or upset -- you can't tell if they actually love each other
    Embassy Pictures

    12. In She's All That, when Zack pretended to love Laney just so he'd win a bet against his friends.

    Laney confronting Zack at school, asking him if she was just a "fucking bet"
    Miramax Films

    13. In Never Been Kissed, when Billy Prince lied to Josie about taking her to the prom and cruelly threw eggs at her face on her front porch.

    20th Century Fox

    14. In The Way We Were, when Hubbell cheated on Katie, his pregnant wife, with his old girlfriend from college.

    Katie telling Hubbell she knows that he cheated on her in the movie screening room
    Columbia Pictures

    "The Way We Were is one of my all-time favorites, but damn it, Hubbell sucks! He cheated on Katie with Carol Ann, AND he wasn’t a part of his daughter’s life at all."


    15. And in Love Actually, when Mark secretly professed his love to his best friend's wife outside his OWN HOUSE.

    Mark outside of Juliet's house with big, white cards that read: "To me, you are perfect"
    Universal Pictures


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.