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    16 High Horror Stories That'll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

    Dazed and ridiculously confused.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the first time they got high. Here are the beautiful results.

    1. Submitted by Andrea Boe (Facebook)

    My head turned into a carousel and my mouth turned into a waterfall, so I was trying to keep the water in while my head was spinning around. It only lasted about five minutes. My boyfriend, however, took a hit, sat back, and got very quiet. He then stood up, and told us he was going to bed. I later asked him what happened, and he told me that the sofa across from him turned into a lizard and he couldn't tell ANYONE.

    2. Submitted by Shawna-Lyn Reed (Facebook)

    I stood on the escalator at the mall for at least 10 minutes before realizing it was broken and not moving.

    3. Submitted by anonymous.

    My first acid high was legit. It started with my eyes suddenly feeling warm, like they were having a bath without my body. The face on the television flashed in and out as a skull. It was pouring rainbow prisms, and there were demons lurking in the bushes. When I stood on my tippy toes, I was totally convinced that I was a giraffe. The best part of my trip was when I decided to get a doughnut; I wasn't hungry, but I wanted to know what it would feel like to eat it high. I went to the gas station and tried to pay, but I couldn't use my card because I felt like I'd be cutting the machine. I tried to give cash, but I felt bad to trade poor Georgie Washington for a measly doughnut that I wasn't even that hungry for. I swear I saw George starting to cry, so I left the doughnut on the counter and walked out.

    4. Submitted by Autumn Star Norton (Facebook)

    It was a perfect hippie kid accident, really. I was about 10 years old and my mom and her friend were at the house making food for a catering event. My mom's friend was known for being a great baker, and I saw a bag of cookies in her purse on top of the counter. Naturally, I creeped over when, grabbed a few cookies, and slipped into my room to devour them. I had unknowingly eaten three of the strongest "special" cookies around. I proceeded to dance through the living room and brush my hair in front of the fireplace for a good 45 minutes, while my mom and her friend exchanged knowing looks and giggles. I certainly don't condone children doing such things, but I was the little shit who stole the cookies, and I got nothing but a good story out of it.

    5. Submitted by imtherealesstt.

    I was 17 years old with a group of about 10 people in an empty carpet installation van by some railroad tracks. Upon returning to the house we were all partying at, I thought that everyone was talking about me and plotting to hurt me in some way. I screamed to the room full of people: "I know what you're doing! You're all a bunch of assholes! You're not going to get me!" I retired to a closet where I napped for about 30 minutes. I then woke up and ate an entire bag of Oreos and two packages of hot dogs. The end.

    6. Submitted by Ali Gaffney (Facebook)

    I microwaved my pants.

    7. Submitted by Mariana Borati (Facebook)

    I first got high at one of my birthday parties. I remember feeling cold, hot, and hungry. I threw myself on the floor, wrapped in my Snuggie, and yelled: "I'm a wizard, you all must respect me!" I then proceeded to walk to the fire escape and asked a girl, who was vomiting on the floor, if she thought my baby hands were a deal breaker.

    8. Submitted by laurenf451915886.

    The first time I got high was prom night. Instead of going to some afterparty or a beach house, my friends and I met up with some older guys at a park. This of course made me really nervous, especially since I had a crush on one of them. So, knowing how awkward I am, I accepted the joint that was being passed around and started chugging the cheap vodka. I was so blazed that I got down on my knees, pulled down my crush's pants, and tried to give him a blow job in front of all of our friends. Before I could get his boxers off, I threw up all over his crotch. I don't remember anything after that. The next morning I woke up at around five inside of a slide at a park on the other side of town, and nobody knows how the hell I got there.

    9. Submitted by janem9.

    When I was 15 years old, I had a sleepover at my friend's house with a few other girlfriends; we decided to light up a joint in the backyard. A few puffs later, the black of the night fully enveloped my surroundings. All I could focus on were my friends, who were sitting in a circle That '70s Show style, and spinning around me like a carousel. This made me inexplicably giddy. After what seemed like an eternity of giggles and spinning, I stumbled back toward the house and slipped on a pile of dog shit. The good thing about being high is you don't really tend to care much if you get shit all over your shoes and pants. Anyway, I sat there for a good few minutes and laughed like a maniac; my mom picked me up and started asking why my eyes were so red. Yep, good times.

    10. Submitted by Marcela Xavier (Facebook)

    When I was 15 years old, a friend gave me a joint as a gift. One day when my mom went to a wedding, I was home by myself, and decided to get high for the first time. I had no idea how much I was supposed to smoke, so I proceeded to inhale the whole joint. At the time I was in a very spiritual phase, so when I entered my room after smoking, I thought there were spirits on the walls watching me and judging me. I then called my grandfather, a psychologist who for many years worked with drug addicts. I was terrified and told him I did something bad; he got in his car and drove 50km to come pick me up. His hippie girlfriend, who grew all sorts of herbs to make her own tea, kept talking me through my trip until my grandfather made it to the house. She made me repeat Buddhist mantras that I for sure messed up. When my grandpa finally arrived, I got in his car and he drove me around the city for about an hour. He calmed me down by driving by the city lights; as soon as I was calmer he dropped me off at home. My mother still doesn't know about this, and my grandpa and I have never talked about it ever since.

    11. Submitted by kimd46917a83a.

    The first time I got high, my best friend and I went to the kitchen to eat some food. When I had a mouth full of pudding, my friend made me laugh really hard. The pudding fell out of my mouth and onto my parents' carpet. I then proceeded to clean it up by dumping a whole bottle of Windex on it, and I just stood there laughing like a maniac at my empty bottle of Windex. My dad never found out though.

    12. Submitted by AngelaWilliams.

    I got stoned at the beach with my best friend when we were 16-year-olds. We were with these guys we met, but we quickly had to go back to my friend's house because my mother was picking me up. The guys drove us to the end of her street, and we only had to walk past four doors and one tree. When we finally got there, we saw both of our mothers in the front yard gossiping. We were concentrating so hard on not walking straight that we both walked right into the giant tree and fell over. We told our respective mothers that the pollution at the beach was really bad and that's why we were both giddy and green. I then went home and slept for 17 hours. I never smoked pot that good ever again.

    13. Submitted by Lindsay Wilke (Facebook)

    When I was 16 years old, my brother made a batch of special brownies. I don't remember it entirely, but I was home alone and I could not stop eating. Every time I would make something and start to eat it, I would want something else. My brother found me on the couch when he came home later on, and apparently I was surrounded by half-made meals, cupcakes, and wrappers. I had a deranged look in my eye, and rambled on that I was hungry and the TV was sending me messages in code. I wouldn't let my brother leave until he went in the bathroom to make sure there wasn't a serial killer hiding behind the shower curtain.

    14. Submitted by kristenjanellej.

    The day after my friend's birthday, her mom left, so we figured this was the perfect time to get high. Two of my friends had smoked before, but it was my first time. We made a makeshift pipe out of an aluminum can and loaded the bowl. I took the first hit and it burned my throat like nothing I ever felt before. When everyone else took their hit, I grabbed my friend's video camera; we were really into making funny videos and I figured this was the perfect time. Everyone dispersed around the house doing their own things as I walked around and recorded. My friend was in her room listening to "Lean wit it, Rock wit it" and hitting the dance moves hard, while my other friend drew glasses on her face and started referring to herself as "Teacher Turtle." Eventually we all passed out only after I ate a whole bag of trail mix.

    15. Submitted by lydiav4f9d50506.

    I went camping, and there was nothing to snack on so I ate the entire bag of hot dog buns. All 16 of them.

    16. Submitted by anonymous.

    You think being a student is stressful, try being a professor. I was so stressed checking papers before the semestral deadline ended that when one of my co-faculty invited me to get high, we did. Since we didn't have a good roll of paper, we used the thin pages of the Holy Bible. I got so high that I kept teaching in classrooms that weren't my own about made up subjects, like The Philosophy of Adventure Time and The History of Pokémon. At least I got voted best professor after that.

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