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What's The Spookiest Thing That's Ever Happened To You On Halloween?

Calling all ~real~ horror stories!

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Halloween is hands down one of the coolest holidays ever.

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You get to dress up as your favorite character, trick-or-treat, and participate in all things spooky!

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But sometimes, Halloween can actually get super scary, super fast.

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Maybe one time you went trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, and an insane clown chased you down the street.

Or you and your friends might have messed with a ouija board, and some ghostly shenanigans occurred.

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Or maybe you went to a haunted house and got so scared that you accidentally punched your friend in the face.

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Halloween can be a ridiculously frightening day, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

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So tell us your frightening Halloween horror story in the comments below!


Awards and badges will be given to the most frightening submissions!

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