The Men From "Grease" Were Honestly The Absolute Worst, And Here Are 17 Moments To Prove It

    "Nobody's jugs are bigger than Annette's."

    Note: this post includes topics of sexual assault.

    1. When Kenickie sang this questionable lyric in "Summer Nights," which insinuated that Danny had his way with Sandy without her consent.

    Kenickie singing: "Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?"

    2. When Vince Fontaine creepily introduced himself to Marty as the man who snuck into her bedroom every night.

    Vince Fontaine: "Hey, I'm Vince Fontaine. Do your folks know I come into your room every night? Over KZAZ, that is"

    3. And when Marty confessed to Rizzo that Vince Fontaine tried to roofie her.

    Marty: "Look, it's OK, Rizz. I caught Vince Fontaine trying to put aspirin in my Coke at the dance!"

    4. When Danny forcefully kissed Sandy goodbye in the beginning of the movie.

    Sandy: "Danny, don't spoil it!" Danny: "It's not spoiling it, Sandy. It's only making it better"

    5. When Kenickie made a demeaning comment about the "new girl's" breasts, who turned out to be Sandy.

    Kenickie: "Any of you guys see that new chick at registration? She beats the foam-domes around here." Sonny: "You mean her jugs were bigger than Annette's?" Kenickie: "Nobody's jugs are bigger than Annette's"

    6. When Putzie totally invaded his female classmate's privacy on the bleachers and looked up her skirt.

    Female classmates running away while Putzie says, "Hi, girls!"

    7. When Doody, Putzie, and Sonny made this really problematic joke to Rizzo outside of Frenchy's house.

    Rizzo: "What do you guys think this is, a gang bang?" T-Birds: "You wish."

    8. When Frankie Avalon sang this inappropriate lyric to Frenchy in "Beauty School Dropout."

    Frankie Avalon singing: "You think you're such a looker, but no customer will go to you unless she was a hooker"

    9. When Danny ditched Sandy at the dance to get down with his ex-girlfriend Cha-Cha.

    Danny and Cha-Cha dancing to "Born to Hand Jive" while Sandy sadly looks on

    10. And when Kenickie lifted Patty Simcox's dress up out of nowhere, pulling the cruelest "prank" of all.

    11. When everyone in the T-Birds constantly harassed and bullied Eugene for no good reason at all.

    T-Birds: "Hey, Eugene!" Eugene: "Hi, fellas!" T-Birds: "Shake, buddy! Hey, what's wrong? You're wearing glasses." Eugene: "I've got astigmatism." T-Birds: "Aww, too bad!"

    12. When Leo "Crater-Face" insulted Rizzo and insinuated she was "cheap" and nothing more than Kenickie's girlfriend.

    Kenickie: "You're gonna pay for that!" Crater-Face: "Yeah, well, I'll give you 75 cents for the whole car, including your chick"

    13. When Danny pretended not to know who Sandy was at the pep rally and disrespected her in front of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies.

    Sandy: "What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?" Danny: I do not know, maybe there's two of us, right? Why don't you take out a missing-persons ad or try the Yellow pages? I don't know"

    14. When Danny, Kenickie, and the rest of the T-Birds sang some pretty misogynistic lyrics in "Grease Lightnin'."

    Danny singing: "With the four speed on the floor they'll be waiting at the door. You know that ain't no sh*t, we'll be getting lots of tit, in greased lightning"

    15. When Kenickie drove around Doody, Putzie, Sonny, and Rizzo in his car while drinking beer.

    16. When Danny tried to make a move on Sandy at the drive-in without her consent — even when she told him to back off.

    Danny forcefully trying to kiss Sandy. Sandy: "Danny, don't!" Danny: "Don't worry about it, nobody's watching." Sandy: "Danny, get off me!"

    17. And when Danny sang a very dramatic song about the whole experience, essentially blaming Sandy for what went down in his car.

    Danny singing on a swing: "Sandy, my darling, you hurt me real bad -- you know it's true"