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    "Abbott Elementary" Is The Funniest TV Show Out There Right Now, And Here Are 30 Brilliant Moments If You Need Further Persuasion

    "'Baby Shark' is like 'Back That Azz Up' for kids."

    If you don't already know, then I'm thrilled to tell you that Abbott Elementary is the latest and greatest TV comedy out there right now.

    Quinta Brunson and Tyler James Williams in "Abbott Elementary"

    The hilarious new show, created by and starring Quinta Brunson, already has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes after only five episodes, and it has a stellar cast, including Janelle James, Tyler James Williams, Lisa Ann Walter, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Chris Perfetti.

    Tyler James Williams, Lisa Ann Walter, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Chris Perfetti, and Quinta Brunson in a still in "Abbott Elementary;" Tyler James Williams in "Everybody Hates Chris;" Lisa Ann Walter in "The Parent Trap" (1998)

    It's brilliant beyond brilliant, and even though some folks are comparing it to The Office and Parks & Rec because of its mockumentary format, this show is totally in a lane of its own.

    So, without further ado, here are some of the funniest moments from Abbott Elementary so far:

    Warning: Spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. When Janine desperately wanted to hang out with Barbara and gain her approval, even though Barbara wanted nothing but distance.

    Janine to Barbara: "Did you get my email about the two of us hanging together after school?" Barbara: "No. It must have gone to spam" Janine: "It's so crazy how my emails do that with you and nobody else"

    2. When Ava couldn't hold back her deep thirst for Gregory and rightly compared him to Idris Elba.

    Ava walking into the room: "Girls... and young Idris"

    3. When Ava noticed Janine plopped on the floor after fainting and saved the most important person at Abbott Elementary: herself.

    Ava: "Oh my God! She pale like a zombie. You know they eat the hottest people first. Let me back my tasty ass up"

    4. When Janine bragged to Gregory about how many drawings her students made for her, and he responded in the cutest way possible.

    Janine: "Did your kids make this for you?" Gregory: "Yeah, I got a bunch" Janine: "Oh, my god. You might even have more than I do. Not that I keep count. 27. How many are in here?" Gregory: "26?"

    5. When Barbara was frustrated by the "Baby Shark" phenomenon because it distracted her students from learning anything.

    Barbara to Janine: "I'm trying to teach my kindergartners the letter 'C' and they are distracted by this song. It's like 'Back That Azz Up' for kids"

    6. When Melissa gave Janine sound advice about teacher and student boundaries, and then hilariously ruined it when she suggested she not open up a "Panera's box of problems."

    Melissa: "All that home stuff, you gotta leave it right at the door. Otherwise, you open up a whole another Panera's box of problems" Janine: "I think you mean Pandora's box"

    7. When Janine compared the power of a cozy primary classroom rug to Xanax, a widely known anti-anxiety medication.

    Janine: "For primary classes, rugs are like a calming space for the kids. It's like a Xanas. Like a huge Xanax for kids to sit on"

    8. When Ava insulted Janine's iPhone and managed to compliment her fabulous self in the process.

    Ava to Janine: "What is this? An iPhone 9? It's like a walkman. I don't know nothing about this. That's before my time"

    9. When Ava did the bare minimum for her staff and didn't provide a good and healthy breakfast during a morning meeting.

    Gregory: "I thought breakfast was being provided;" Ava: "Don't act like you don't see these little boxes of cereal right here"

    10. When Barbara had a difficult time learning the new technology program and couldn't even help her own students.

    Barbara: "Now, who took that picture of me?" Janine: "Hey, how it's going with the new program?" Barbara: "It's a little hard to understand, but I'm getting the hang of it" Student: "I don't get this" Barbara: "Sweetheart, neither do I"

    11. And when Melissa was convinced to try the new tech program because of its...well, success in her personal life.

    Melissa to Barbara: "Tech has its place, like when you haven't been with a man for a few years"

    12. When Gregory first walked into Abbott Elementary as the new substitute and we learned why the teacher he replaced was fired.

    Gregory: "I'm the sub for the teacher who, uh, punted a student"

    13. When Ava made an over-the-top TikTok video for Barbara's school supply wishlist and used the Disney method to do so.

    Janine: "Ava, this is the grossest, most emotionally manipulative, exploitative thing I've ever seen in my life" Ava: "Thank you. I followed how they make the Pixar movies. It's a trick how they make you cry, but it works"

    14. When an old student of Barbara's praised her for how she changed his life, but she couldn't remember him to save her life.

    Student: "You was always my favorite teacher, and I never got a chance to thank you for everything you did for me back in kindergarten" Barbara: "I am very proud of you" Janine: "See? That's why we do this" Barbara: "I have no idea who that young man was"

    15. When Janine was determined to fix the broken lights in the hallway because one of Melissa's students was pretty traumatized.

    Janine: "Melina was afraid to come to school this morning. She said it looked like 'The Shining' and I don't even get how she knows that reference" Melissa: "She loves 'The Shining'"

    16. And when Jacob ran to Janine's assistance, only for their brilliant plan to go completely sideways.

    Barbara: "Janine, what did you do" Janine: "I know you told me to let it go, but I couldn't. Jacob helped me open the breaker" Jacob: "It was a chance to support a strong Black woman"

    17. When Janine begged Barbara for a little support in the pilot episode, and Barbara responded with one of the funniest TV burns I've seen in a while.

    Janine to Barbara: "You know, a little support might help make things happen, ladies" Barbara: "My support was gonna do about as much as that five year old bra you got on right there"

    18. When Ava informed her staff that Mr. Johnson the janitor would be teaching a class temporarily, and he imparted his great wisdom onto them.

    Ava: "In the meantime, Mr. Johnson will be watching her class" Janine: "Wait, sorry. Mr. Johnson, the janitor?" Mr. Johnson: [Pointing at board that reads 'illuminati:' 'That's who runs the world, kids"

    19. When Ava added a bunch of luxurious items onto Janine's school supply wishlist for herself, like a foot spa.

    Janine: Sorry, am I hearing splashing or bubbles?" Janine: "Oh, yeah. Soaking my toesies in my new foot bath"

    20. When Gregory helped one of his students to the bathroom and experienced the ultimate shock: the Reversy Toilet.

    Gregory: "I tried to flush the toilet, and the water shot back up in the air" Janine: "No one told you about Reversy Toilet then?" Gregory: "Why is that even a thing?!"

    21. When Gregory was happy about the empty look in his classroom because it reflected his true self, and Janine compared him to a serial killer.

    Janine: "What happened to your walls?" Gregory: "I took all the old teacher's stuff down. It just didn't feel like me" Janine: "I know that if this feels like you, you might be a serial killer"

    22. And when Janine subtly convinced Gregory to hang his students' drawings on the wall, even though he had no idea what they were.

    Janine explaining to Gregory that one of the drawings is of him on the playground

    23. When Janine taught her students Philadelphia sight words, and Barbara was having none of it.

    Barbara: "You're abandoning the phonics principle that these children need. This is a classroom, not a hoagie stand" Janine: "Boom. Hoagie!" Mr. Johnson: "Young bouls are so disrespectful" Barbara: "Mm"

    24. When Jacob, Barbara, and Melissa went in early to catch the news before school started and tuned into important, local events happening around Philadelphia.

    Jacob: "It is important to support and acknowledge local journalism. There's no agenda here" Newscaster: "You wouldn't want to see that dog in traffic"

    25. When Barbara successfully taught her student Will how to read "Jack and Jill," and he couldn't help but contain his pure excitement.

    Student: "And Jill came tumbling after" Barbara: "Perfect! Now, when we get up on stage, you're gonna do it just like that, okay? No. And no dancing" Student: "But that's what I do, Ms. Howard!"

    26. And when Ava forced Will to read Michelle Obama's Becoming in front of everyone instead, and the cutie got very nervous.

    William: "Okay, here it goes..." Barbara: "Okay, that's enough"

    27. When Janine brilliantly put Jacob in his place and told him to stop randomly bringing up his trip to Africa.

    Janine: "Jacob, what did I say about not talking about your time in Africa?" Jacob: "You told me to..." Janine: "I told you to stop. Yeah, it's weird"

    28. When Jacob was excited because he thought he was forming a strong bond with Gregory, but he found out otherwise.

    29. When Jacob tried to make peace with Melissa by making her a lasagna, and she scared him before accepting the yummy dish.

    Jacob: "I brought you some lasagna as a peace offering" Melissa: "You know, I don't just eat Italian, or am I stereotype to you?" Jacob, "Oh, my God, no. Of course not" Melissa: "What am I, an idiot" Give it to me"

    30. And when we found out the real reason an incompetent principal like Ava was hired: because she caught the superintendent cheating on his wife.

    Gregory: "I'm subbing here because I need a job until I can become principal. I actually interviewed here" Ava: "I go to the same church as the Superintendent. Caught him cheating on his wife with the deaconess"

    In conclusion:

    All I know is Emmys better be being made as we speak for #AbbottElementary.

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