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    Zendaya Ordered Her Bodyguard To Stop Pushing Her Fans Away, And 23 Other Wholesome Celebrity Stories That Are Very Heartwarming

    "Britney Spears told me I was really pretty, and I could've just died!"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most wholesome encounter they've had with a famous person, and oh boy, did they deliver. Here are their wonderful stories.

    Alexis from "Schitt's Creek" warmly putting her hands together

    1. Will Ferrell:

    Will Ferrell of 'Downhill' attends the IMDb Studio at Acura Festival Village
    Ferrell signing autographs to employees at a hotel when he wasn't allowed to

    2. Dolly Parton:

    Parton performing in California in 2014
    Parton offering food from her personal buffet tables to Dollywood workers
    Parton remembering certain Dollywood workers a year later

    3. Ricky Martin:

    Martin at an album release party in 2013
    Martin talking to a young fan at the height of "Livin' la Vida Loca"

    4. Whoopi Goldberg:

    Goldberg at the Oscars in 2018
    Goldberg meeting a fan at Comic Con, and telling him to just call her "Whoopi"

    5. Carrie Fisher:

    Fisher at the US-Ireland Aliiance's Oscar Wilde Awards in 2015
    A fan telling Carrie Fisher "I love you!" and her responding "I know"

    6. Jennifer Hudson:

    Hudson speaks at the "RESPECT" reception in 2021
    Hudson singing with a fan while he played the ukulele

    7. Britney Spears:

    Spears performing in Las Vegas in 2016
    Spears telling a fan at a show in Vegas that she was really pretty

    8. Philip Seymour Hoffman:

    Philip Seymour Hoffman posing for a portrait in 2007
    Seymour Hoffman admiring a teenager for seeing his Broadway show, "A Long Day's Journey into Night"

    9. Tracy Morgan:

    Morgan at the Vulture Festival in 2018
    Morgan speaking to people at a pizza place for 30 minutes about being thankful for the life you have

    10. Julie Andrews:

    Andrews on her book tour in 2019
    Andrews late for her dinner reservation, and tipping the hostess $50

    11. James Earl Jones:

    James Earl Jones at the premiere for "The Gin Game" in 2015
    Earl Jones eating at a diner in Michigan
    James Earl Jones paying for a fan's breakfast and giving him an autographed copy of the newspaper he was reading

    12. Steve Buscemi:

    Steve Buscemi at the "The Dead Don't Die" premiere in 2019
    Buscemi having dinner with someone every year on 9/11 because her father (a firefighter) died in the attacks

    13. Princess Diana:

    Princess Diana wearing a hat in the late '80s
    Princess Diana giving a pregnant woman a chair at an event

    14. Michael Jordan:

    Jordan holding up the MVP award at the NBA All-Star Game in 1998
    Jordan tipping a golf caddie $600

    15. Joshua Jackson:

    Jackson at the "Little Fires Everywhere" set visit, 2019
    Jackson giving a fan's sister his coffee at LAX so she wouldn't miss her flight

    16. Keanu Reeves:

    Reeves at the "John Wick: Chapter 3" press conference in 2019
    Reeves reenacting the dodge motion from "The Matrix" to a fan

    17. Amy Poehler:

    Poehler at a Women in Film gala in 2019

    18. Pharrell:

    Pharrell at the Oscars in 2016
    Pharrell telling a security guard to move a fan in a wheelchair up onstage as he was performing

    19. Elliot Page:

    Page at the Met Gala in 2021
    Page apologizing to his fan about his dog freaking out, and high-fiving the fan and letting them pet his dog

    20. Whitney Houston:

    Houston at BET's 25th anniversary show in 2005
    Houston giving balloons from "The Princess Diaries 2" to a fan as a birthday gift

    21. B.B. King:

    King performing in London in 2011
    King talking to a fan before playing a gig at a college

    22. Taylor Swift:

    Swift at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020
    Swift listening to a fan talk about her anxiety, and calling her an angel

    23. Angelina Jolie:

    Jolie at the United Nations in 2017
    Jolie listening to a fan talk to her about her anxiety and cancer; Jolie then visiting the hospital to deliver toys

    24. And Zendaya:

    Zendaya at a GQ event in Australia in 2019
    Zendaya ordering her bodyguard to stop pushing her fans away

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Do *you* have a wholesome celebrity encounter you want to share with us? Tell us your story in the comments below!