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Facebook In Your Teens Vs. Facebook In Your Twenties

Out with the bumper stickers, in with the unfriending.

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1. In your teens: Comment on your best friend's sepia-colored profile picture.

In your twenties: Rarely comment on profile pictures because you don't want to seem overly excited about something so trivial.

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2. Teen: "Like" or comment on most of the statuses that flood your newsfeed.

Nickelodeon / Via

Twentysomething: Scroll through statuses because you don't have energy to read three paragraph rants.

3. Teen: Write on someone's wall to see how they're doing.

Twentysomething: Inbox someone a message and avoid PDA on the timeline.

Fox / Via

4. Teen: Send your friend a bumper sticker that totally describes your relationship.

Twentysomething: Send your friend a GIF that totally describes your relationship.

5. Teen: Upload an album from your BFF's surprise party with a digital camera.

Twentysomething: Upload just one selfie from your BFF's drunken surprise party with your smartphone.

AP Photo/Kevin Wolf, File

6. Teen: Put a Dave Matthews Band lyric in your bio section for some flavor.

Twentysomething: Try to prove to the masses you're sophisticated by just leaving your birthday and alma mater in your bio section.

But still hum those DMB lyrics.
Universal Pictures / Via

But still hum those DMB lyrics.

7. Teen: Friend request everyone you meet, even if it was for 10 seconds during lunch in the cafeteria.

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Twentysomething: Wait to friend request someone because they know you searched them and then stalked your life and GAH.

8. Teen: Wish all of your friends a Happy Birthday with a Graffiti drawing.

Twentysomething: Check your friendship and see if that person wished you a Happy Birthday last year. If not, ignore.

9. Teen: Everyone can scroll through your tagged pictures from birthday parties and homecoming events.

Twentysomething: Make your tagged pictures private. You don't want your Facebook friends to see your drunken fail from last Saturday night.

NBC / Via

10. Teen: Record a silly video on Photobooth and share it on your friend's wall.

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Twentysomething: Send your friend an embarrassing double chin selfie in a private inbox only.

11. Teen: Accept every single friend request from your high school peers.

And the occasional Internet bot.
Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

And the occasional Internet bot.

Twentysomething: Be more selective with accepting friend requests, even if they sit next to you at work.

New Line Cinema / Via

12. Teen: Make a corny status to fit the classic "is" complex.

Twentysomething: Check into your Sunday brunch location on Foursquare.

13. Teen: Post a YouTube video of "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy Tell'em.

Twentysomething: Shamelessly share a Spotify playlist of your favorite music.

14. Teen: Always be available on Chat to talk with anyone about homework, hookups, and TV shows.

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Twentysomething: Stay offline on Chat so you won't be bothered when Facebook stalking.

15. Teen: When it's your best friend's birthday, you write an all-caps message on their wall with an endless amount of exclamation points.

Kayla Yandoli / AliCorman

Twentysomething: When it's your best friend's birthday, you share an Instagram picture of a legendary moment from your friendship.

16. Teen: Find the pictures of babies on your newsfeed super cute, and react with an "Awwwwwww!"

Twentysomething: Find the pictures of babies on your newsfeed bothersome, and react with an "Oh, god."

17. Teen: Block your high school peers you only ask for homework help from your newsfeed.

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Twentysomething: Unfriend your old high school peers and feel a big sense of relief.

20th Century Fox / Via

18. Teen: Poke someone to flirt and have super cute fun time.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Twentysomething: Poke someone to flirt and have super cute fun time.

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