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27 Of The Most Iconic "American Horror Story" Quotes Of All Time

In honor of the show's Season 5 finale tonight!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite American Horror Story quote, in honor of the show's Season 5 finale. Here are the killer results.

1. When Madison "came back from the dead" and totally scared Fiona.


2. When Chad confronted Patrick about his infidelity.


3. When Constance threatened Moira's life for a second time.

4. When Myrtle wasn't having any of Cordelia's shit.

5. When Chad shut down Constance's homophobic comments.

FX / Via Netflix
FX / Via Netflix

6. When Sister Jude imparted her wisdom on Kit.

7. When Queenie couldn't hold back her hatred for Madison any longer.

8. When Tate was nervous to show his feelings for Violet.


9. When Constance crushed Moira's dreams.

—Spencer Althouse

10. When Lana wasn't afraid to show her strong side.


11. When Madison couldn't help but complain on the Coven's field trip.

FX / Via

12. When Cordelia asked for Myrtle's last words.

FX / Via Netflix

13. When Marie let it be known that Fiona would always be her enemy.

14. When Sister Jude wasn't really feeling Lana's attitude.

FX / Via Netflix

15. When Delphine was in denial about Barack Obama being the President of the United States.

16. When Sister Mary Eunice revealed her dark truth.


17. When Fiona stood up for herself against the witch hunters.

18. And when Marie was totally on the same page.

19. When Addie warned the kids not to enter the Murder House.

20. When Sister Jude taught Kit's daughter to never let a man run her life.

FX / Via

21. When The Countess was completely mesmerized by Donovan's beauty.

22. When Jimmy questioned the police's authority.

FX / Via Netflix
FX / Via Netflix

23. When The Countess encouraged Liz to be her true self.

FX / Via

—Joy Ann Wrona, Facebook

24. When Dot wasn't so sure about joining Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities.

—Andrew Ziegler
FX / Via Netflix

25. When Violet's friend schooled her on the true meaning of the Devil.

FX / Via Netflix

26. When Mr. March wasn't quite familiar with the modern lingo.


27. And when Fiona proved she was the greatest Supreme of all time.

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