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    17 Awkward Things Men Said In TV Shows That Might Make You Cringe A Whole Lot

    "It's like blue balls, in your heart."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the cringiest quotes in TV history, and it turns out a lot of 'em were said by men. Here are the ridiculous results:

    1. In How I Met Your Mother, when Barney made us all squirm when he insulted Marshall's ducky tie with internet slang.


    2. And when Ted said the cheesiest, most dramatic thing to Robin before she married Barney.



    3. In Pretty Little Liars, when Ezra thought he was confident in helping Aria with the dead body in her trunk but actually came off as awkward.

    ABC Family


    4. In Glee, when Mr. Schue tried to bring his students together after being destroyed by Sue but shed some horrible, horrible wisdom instead.


    5. In Riverdale, when Jughead gave his supremely uncomfortable "I'm a weirdo" speech to Betty.

    The CW


    6. And when Archie was in jail and tried to inspire his fellow inmate in the most Archie way.

    The CW

    7. In True Detective, when Frank said this truly unpleasant thing.


    8. In Gilmore Girls, when Logan sneaked through Rory's dorm window and was anything but romantic.

    Warner Bros.


    9. In The 100, when Bellamy had a heart-to-heart with Clarke in the woods and delivered this completely absurd line.

    The CW


    10. In True Blood, when Eric described his suspicious relationship with his sister and made us cringe a LOT.


    11. In Breaking Bad, when Badger was blown away by Jesse's setup and expressed his excitement in the worst way.



    12. In Dawson's Creek, when Joey didn't want to sleep in Dawson's bed anymore, and he said this supremely awful thing.

    The WB

    13. In How to Get Away With Murder, when Asher tried to be all tough in front of the gang but sounded ridiculous instead.



    14. In The Office, when Jim tried making Pam laugh when they returned from their honeymoon, but he was just...beyond cringeworthy.



    15. And when Robert California threatened Andy and said the most Robert California thing ever.



    16. In Glee, when Finn strangely thanked a grilled cheese sandwich for answering his teenage makeout prayers.



    17. And in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, when Ben tried comforting Amy when she learned she was pregnant.

    ABC Family


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