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17 Changing Room Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe

Retail workers do NOT have it easy. So much vomit and poop!

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their craziest experience in a changing room. Here are the shocking results.

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1. The dripping diarrhea.

In the stall next to mine, a woman was with her daughter who was probably no older than five. I heard the little girl beg her mom to take her to the bathroom, but she said to hold it. I saw the bottom of the girl's legs and could tell by her movement that she really had to go. She started to cry and I saw explosive diarrhea hit the floor. Her mother grabbed a piece of clothing and wiped the floor and her daughter's legs. She threw it in the corner of the stall and ran out.


2. The period puker.

When I got my period, my mother viewed it as an opportunity to show me that I shouldn't be limited by pain or by womanly hormonal fluctuations. We went shopping at her favorite store and as I stood waiting for her to leave the dressing room, I began vomiting violently due to the pain. It was one of those explosions that covered more floor space than should be physically possible. Multiple people were trapped in their stalls as they waited for the workers to find a mop. I was mortified and will probably never shop there again.


3. The jack attack.

I used to work in the women's lingerie department of a famous London department store. One day I was told to go and check the fitting room because a man had gone in to try on women's lingerie. I walked in and saw that he jacked off all over the mirror. The rest of the staff acted like it was normal and said it happened all of the time, but I was horrified.


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4. The crawling cockroach.

There was a huge cockroach problem at the place I worked. Our manager told us we weren't allowed to freak out, as to not scare away the customers. One day during my shift I saw a giant cockroach, but before I could kill it, it crawled under one of the changing room doors. I knocked politely and calmly told the girl that a cockroach was in her dressing room. She bolted out of the dressing room without her pants on.

—Katie Sawyer, Facebook

5. The Old Navy peeper.

At Old Navy I was trying on a few bathing suits for the summer. I took off my bra and all of a sudden, I heard a voice above my head say: "Damn girl, nice titties! Too bad I'm gay because I'd be all over you." I panicked and put my clothes back on. I walked out to report it but the guy wasn't in the store anymore, and to this day I can't wrap my mind around what the hell happened.


6. The prom dress pisser.

During prom season I was working at Dillard's, and we constantly had dresses piled up high in the back fitting room. One day when I walked toward the room, I smelled something absolutely repulsive. I looked down only to realize that someone peed on the mountain of prom dresses. I've never seen anything like it.


7. The missing fingernail.

One time I slammed my finger in a dressing room door at American Eagle. I bled everywhere and couldn't stop crying because I lost my fingernail. I feel so bad for the person who had to clean it all up.


8. The first bra disaster.

I was about nine when my boobs started to grow, but I wasn't wearing a bra yet. One day my mom took me shopping for my first bra, and brought my younger brother along. Because he was too young to be left alone, she brought him in the changing stall with us. I took off my shirt and my brother screamed: "Your nipples are bulging!" Several people in the store heard him, and I was mortified.


9. The poopy fingerprints.

It smelled like someone crapped their pants in the boutique I was in. It was so bad that the sales associates sprayed samples of perfume to cover the smell. I walked into the dressing room and violently gagged when I noticed someone smeared poop all over the mirror and walls. I thought an adult did it because there were poo fingerprints high up on the wall. One of the sales associates came in the room with a bottle of Windex and cleaned it up.


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10. The fire alarm sexcapade.

My boyfriend and I wanted to be adventurous, so we decided to have sex in a dressing room. Just as he was about to finish, the fire alarms went off. We panicked because in that store only one person was allowed in the dressing room. The employee unlocked our door and found us butt naked. After we made awkward eye contact, she told us to get out. It was a false fire alarm, but we were banned from the store forever.


11. The suspicious spy.

When I was 16, I was trying on something in Sears. I noticed someone looking through the crack of my dressing room. He said, "That looks good on you," and then walked away.


12. The dirty jeans.

I was working at a children's store on Black Friday. A mother walked out of the fitting room, holding a pair of our store's jeans a good distance away from her body. I asked her if she needed help, and she handed me the jeans and said: "Here, my daughter had an accident in these." She didn't even offer to clean up the mess on the floor either.

—Grace Stafford, Facebook

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13. The unwanted roommate.

One time I was at a clothing store during a clearance sale. I finally found an empty stall and started undressing. Just as I took off my pants, a woman flung the curtain open. She pushed her way into the stall, closed the curtain, and proceeded to undress and try on clothes in front of me. The entire time she talked about how big my breasts were and started grabbing things from my pile. I stood there in shock, practically naked.


14. The numbing nail.

I was back-to-school shopping with my mom. I was in one of the largest changing rooms and when I stepped back to see how I looked, I accidentally stepped on a nail. The worst part was I couldn't get the nail out of my foot, and my mom wasn't the least bit helpful. I started screaming and crying. Then someone finally called security for help.


15. The tampon left behind.

When I worked at American Eagle in high school, I found a used tampon and tampon wrapper on the floor of a changing room. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.


16. The uncomfortable peek-a-boo.

When I was trying on my prom dress, a toddler next door was going absolutely crazy. He climbed under the divider and into my stall. The toddler lifted the bottom of my dress and placed himself underneath it. I tried holding it down, even shoving him a little, but he managed to get himself under the dress. This was all happening while I was sitting in my wheelchair. He then climbed onto my lap and tried to find my boobs because he wanted milk. My mom eventually opened the door and brought the kid back to his mother. It was the worst experience ever.


17. And the trapped Eiffel Tower keychain.

I accidentally left my car keys in a store during closing time, so I ran back in before they locked up. The lady sorting clothes told me that an employee found it and was in the dressing rooms. When I walked into the changing area, I saw blood seeping out of one of the rooms. I slowly walked towards the door and twisted the knob, catching the two employees. One of them was biting on a shirt to muffle her screams as the other tried twisting my Eiffel Tower keychain out of her vagina. It was a hoot explaining that one to the paramedics.


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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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