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    17 Celebrity Sex Dream Horror Stories That'll Give You Nightmares

    "Seth MacFarlane and I were having sex and he kept doing the Peter Griffin laugh."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the craziest celebrity sex dream they've ever had. Here are the bizarre results.

    1. The Harry Styles whisperer.

    The Kool-Aid Man was omnipresent and could manifest himself anywhere at anytime. He just kept popping up on the coffee table and in the TV. Eventually, he interrupted my Harry Styles oral sex fantasy. As I was going down on Harry, his dick whispered, "Oh, yeah!" like the Kool-Aid Man.


    2. The Jared Leto apocalypse.

    Jared Leto and I were in the midst of an apocalypse that involved land-squids tunneling under the earth to demolish cities. We rescued a horde of animals from various pounds and pet stores. Jared and I ended up having sex in an abandoned house by candlelight while the animals kept watch.


    3. The The Walking Dead scorpion penis.

    I had a dream that I was getting it on with Glenn from The Walking Dead and when I pulled his pants down, his penis had a spike on the end like a scorpion. I have zero idea why the dream version of me still went down on him, but I can still remember the painful feeling in my mouth.

    —Jericho Roxas Trinidad, Facebook

    4. The Colbert zombie attack.

    I was in a very fancy restaurant making out with Stephen Colbert, and it was all very enjoyable until a hoard of zombies busted into the restaurant and ate Stephen's head off.


    5. The The Lord of the Rings third wheel.

    The weirdest celebrity sex dream I ever had was when I was about 11-years-old. Frodo and Sam from The Lord of the Rings were all tangled naked in a bright white bed in Rivendell, and I was sitting there feeling left out. Frodo turned to me and said: "Do you mind?" I was so embarrassed that I woke up.


    6. The Jim Carrey climax.

    My friend had a sex dream where Jim Carrey turned into The Mask when he climaxed.


    7. The Peter Griffin cackle.

    Seth MacFarlane and I were having hot sex, and instead of creating normal sex noises, he kept doing the Peter Griffin laugh. I need to stop watching Family Guy before going to bed.


    8. The Taye Diggs vampire seduction.

    Taye Diggs came to one of my shows and afterward took me to his mansion. He proceeded to seduce me and turn me into a vampire because that was the only way he knew he could have me and keep me forever. He kept his glasses on the whole time, which was pretty impressive.


    9. The Kardashian Craigslist ad.

    Kim Kardashian created a Craigslist ad to lick chocolate off of someone's butthole in the middle of a packed arena, so I answered it. It was pretty bizarre.

    Sarah Megabubble

    10. The Nick Jonas rinse cycle.

    Nick Jonas and I were doing the nasty inside of a washing machine, in the middle of a white void. For some reason, there was a praying mantis watching us.


    11. The wacky Lady Gaga wig.

    Once I had a super hot make out session with Lady Gaga on top of a chair. After we finished, she gave me her white wig and asked me to come back the next day.

    manga chan

    12. The Oprah hot tub time machine.

    Matthew McConaughey was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and we did it backstage in his green room in a hot tub. Everyone who worked on the show, including Oprah, casually came in and out of the room.


    13. The Tosh.0 Beanie Baby deal.

    In my dream I was an escort and knocked boots with Daniel Tosh. He paid me in Beanie Babies.


    14. The Meatloaf in the creek.

    My first adult dream was with Meatloaf. The singer, not the food. We were in Dawson Leery's bedroom from Dawson's Creek. Pacey was sitting in the corner of the room, eating popcorn and watching a movie on the VCR.


    15. The Louis C.K. carpet burn.

    One night I got it on with Louis C.K. on my grandma's carpet. It was really bumpy and awkward, and I eventually got carpet burn. When I woke up I tweeted him about it, but he never tweeted me back. It was a completely unsatisfying experience all around.

    —Charlie P. Noble-Lawson, Facebook

    16. The Russell Brand magic school bus.

    Underneath a porch somewhere in rural Kentucky, I rescued kittens with my neighbor, Russell Brand. We took them and ran to a train that was passing by. The kittens somehow magically landed on the train, and then Russell turned into a woman. She was really pretty and invited me to sit on a park bench. We talked about washers and dryers, and then ended up making out on a school bus on our way to go have sex.


    17. And the awkward Josh Peck threesome.

    I had a dream where Josh Peck, my mom, and I had a threesome. I'm never going to sleep again.


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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