People Revealed What It's Actually Like To Meet Famous Marvel Actors In Real Life, And Their Stories Are So Darn Wholesome

    "I sat next to Benedict Cumberbatch while eating street food in Malaysia. He offered to take a photo with me, asked me my name, and shook my hand. I saw him give the rest of his food to a person who was homeless nearby — so, yes: He's a nice man with a very soothing voice."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most wholesome encounters they've had with celebrities, and it turns out a lot of them were about Marvel actors. Here are their heartwarming stories.

    1. Scarlett Johansson (aka Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)

    Johansson as Black Widow

    "I cooked for Scarlett Johansson when she was filming The Avengers in Cleveland. I didn't get to talk to her, but based on the creeping we did from the kitchen, she was very bubbly and insisted on paying the check. The head chef at the time told me I was cooking dinner for her, which resulted in extra creeping on our part as the plates left the kitchen. If she looked over, she would have seen eight cooks in an open kitchen watching her take her first bite."


    "My wife took my son to the zoo, and he wanted to read every little plaque in the reptile area. My wife was distracted for a moment, so he asked the nearest stranger to read the plaque for him. My wife turned around to see Scarlett Johansson happily reading the info to him."


    2. Chris Evans (aka Steve Rogers/Captain America)

    Evans as Captain America

    "My best friend's mom met Chris Evans, and she had no idea who he was at the time (she just thought he was this cute, young guy at the bar). He asked her to dance, and she accepted. She said he was really sweet and a lot of fun, but he was a horrible dancer (like, comedically bad at dancing!). She said she danced with him for a while before leaving, and she eventually lost her shit when I forced everyone in the house to watch The Avengers."


    3. Chadwick Boseman (aka T'Challa/Black Panther)

    Boseman as T'Challa

    "In 2013, my sister and I got to be extras in the James Brown biopic movie Chadwick Boseman starred in (it was filmed in Jackson, Mississippi, near us). We were shooting the scene where he sits on a doorstep and gives the kids toys on Christmas (thus, we got to see Chadwick Boseman and shake his hand). He gave all the kids candy and stuffed animals, and was really sweet and shy. He was surprisingly timid for being a celebrity — he seemed to not like the attention. This encounter hurts differently after his death — he was a legendary actor."


    4. Benedict Cumberbatch (aka Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange)

    Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

    "I sat next to Benedict Cumberbatch while eating street food in Malaysia. He was eating dinner, and when I was about to leave, I went over and apologized that I was disturbing his dinner — but I had to say hello. He offered to take a photo with me, asked me my name, and shook my hand, and I saw him give the rest of his food to a person who was homeless nearby. So, yeah: He was a pretty nice man with a very soothing voice."


    5. Sophie Turner (aka Jean Grey/Phoenix)

    Turner as Marvel Girl

    "I had left to go get something when my sisters met Sophie Turner. She apparently lined up behind them to do zip lining, and they were so amazed they met Sansa Stark and showed me the picture. I'd heard she was in town filming something, and that she was with Joe Jonas (I realized from the picture angle someone else took it). I asked them who took it, and they said some dude she was with. ... I laughed so hard, I cried. When I explained it was Joe Jonas, they felt so embarrassed and shocked — they said he took the picture like a champ, and then they all chatted about places to visit in the town they were in."


    6. Anthony Mackie (aka Sam Wilson/the Falcon/Captain America)

    Mackie as the Falcon

    "I landed in the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport on a really late flight. I had to stop and charge my phone once I got off, so I was one of the last people to walk out. As I was walking to baggage claim, none other than Anthony Mackie came out of a side hallway. I walked up and said hi, and he was the nicest person! I'm a huge Marvel fan, and this was when Civil War was coming out — he chatted with me the whole way out to baggage claim. He was super nice and down-to-earth!"


    7. Hugh Jackman (aka James Howlett/Wolverine)

    Jackman as Wolverine

    "I've been an extra in a few movies, and I've met a few other celebrities when I was deployed, but Hugh Jackman was by far the nicest I've ever met. We were filming in a small town, and I was in an outdoor scene with him, and the locals were pretty excited about a movie being filmed in their town. The streets were lined with people watching the filming — any time there was a break, Hugh would walk out to the crowd and shake hands and sign autographs. He even went around the local businesses during his breaks to talk to people. I could go on and on about him — he was just a really stand-up guy."


    8. Jessica Alba (aka Susan Storm/Invisible Woman)

    Alba as Invisible Woman

    "I met Jessica Alba when I was working in Whistler in 2006 (I was a concierge at the Four Seasons hotel and worked in the rental shop). On the fourth day of her stay, she came into the shop in tears and told us her snowboard had just been stolen — she said someone must've recognized her while she was putting it on the rack, and grabbed it when she went inside. After letting her know that we could only give her a new board to use for the rest of her stay that was essentially identical to the one she had, she calmed down and was super chatty. She asked where I was from (Australia), how long I had been working at the Four Seasons, and where she should go to potentially buy another board. My friend ran the women’s department of the biggest snowboard shop in town, so I recommended she go there to buy new gear. She came back two days later with a new setup and gave a huge thanks with a $100 tip — she was a top bird."


    9. Sir Patrick Stewart (aka Charles Xavier/Professor X)

    Stewart as Professor X

    "I used to work at a sandwich shop a couple of blocks away from Times Square, and it was right next to a small theater (so we’d have celebs come in from time to time). One night, I was working the register when this older man came in asking if we had any soup, and I recommended one of my favorites. He said, 'Let’s do it!' and we proceeded to just talk as he waited for his order. When he took his hat off, I realized I was shooting the shit with Sir Patrick Stewart without even knowing it! He was so nice, and asked about my day and how I was doing. After realizing who he was, I asked him about the play he was in, and he lit up talking to me about it — he was just so very sweet and humble."


    10. Cate Blanchett (aka Hela the Goddess of Death)

    Blanchett as Hela

    "A family friend of mine was Cate Blanchett's personal assistant for a number of years, and they said she was hilarious, kind, thoughtful, generous, and charming. She only had the best words to describe working for her, and said it was an incredible experience."


    "I saw her recently in our local supermarket, and she's just as beautiful in real life — she came across like a really good mom (she was with two of her sons and her daughter)."


    11. Willem Dafoe (aka Norman Osborn/Green Goblin)

    Dafoe as Norman Osborn

    "I used to work at a small-ish airport Willem Dafoe was flying in and out of a couple of times a week because he was shooting a movie. This was during the height of his Green Goblin days, too, so kids would be like: 'It's the Green Goblin!' He was an absolute gentleman and never insisted on special treatment. He always made the time to stop for a fan to take a photo or talk briefly, and even made it a point to remember all our names. He always tipped generously (I was a skycap), but the last time he flew in, he handed me a $300 tip and gave me some parting words. It's funny he's often known for playing a villain because he's nice as hell in person."


    12. Don Cheadle (aka James Rhodes/War Machine)

    Cheadle as War Machine

    "I was at the Whole Foods in Santa Monica and was very pregnant. I was looking at the fresh seafood section, and Don Cheadle walked up to me and started waxing poetic about this gorgeous salmon that they had on hand. It was the priciest one, but that's because it was only around for a few months a year. He was just super nice, chatting with me about the salmon, and how I should splurge and try it because it was only around a few months out of the year. I kept my cool, but I was geeking out a bit because I had just seen him in some movie — his whole presence was calm and nice, and his smile lit up his face. It was a genuinely nice interaction."


    13. Peter Dinklage (aka Eitri)

    Dinklage as Eitri

    "Peter Dinklage and I had a funny encounter. We were both at a coffee shop in the Bowery at 6:30 a.m., and we were the only ones there. He ordered a fancy drink of some sort, so he had to stand there and wait — I ordered a filter, but it was a long process pour-over type of drink. So he and I stood there next to each other for four minutes — it was awkward because I don't really talk to celebrities or public figures. But at the same time, it was weird because it was just the two of us, and it was obvious I knew who he was. In the end, I gave him the chin nod; he winked and gave me the chin nod, and that cleared the air. We were able to get on with our days."


    14. Emma Stone (aka Gwen Stacy)

    Stone as Gwen Stacy

    "I saw Emma Stone in her opening night of Cabaret on Broadway. After the show, she came out and took pictures with everyone and signed their Playbills. Someone eventually came out and asked her to go back inside the theater to do press, and you could hear her say: 'Can I finish taking pictures first?' She looked dismayed when she could only do autographs in order to rush back into the theater. After signing, she went back in for press — after about an hour and a half of press, she came back outside and took selfies with the remaining few people still there. She was an absolute sweetheart, and you could tell she really cared about her fans."


    15. Tobey Maguire (aka Peter Parker/Spider-Man)

    Maguire as Spider-Man

    "When I was experiencing homelessness in Venice Beach, California, I met Tobey Maguire while I was asking for some spare change. He was kind enough to give me some money, and I asked him if he was Spider-Man. His friends who were with him started to walk off when I asked that, but he smiled and told me to have a nice day. So, Tobey Maguire is nice and generous to people without a home, and very polite to his fans."


    16. Samuel L. Jackson (aka Nick Fury)

    Jackson as Nick Fury

    "Samuel L. Jackson was hands down one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever encountered. In the '90s, he ran a celebrity golf tournament a few times — when I was 12, I remember asking him if I could bother him for an autograph. His response — word for word — has stayed with me every day since: 'Sweetie, don't ever apologize for wanting to talk to me or ask for my autograph — I wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for you!' He gave me a sweet smile and hug (with an autograph, of course). I'm 36 now, and still feel like he's one of the most gentle and true spirits I have ever come across."


    17. Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki the God of Mischief)

    Hiddleston as Loki

    "I met Tom Hiddleston at the Nashville premiere of I Saw the Light, and he noticed I was waiting to meet him while people kept cutting in front of me or pushing past me to talk to him. After a few minutes of that, HE came over to ME and said hello, and we talked for a minute. He even asked some people running the event to wait a minute because he had promised me a picture. He was nicer than I'd imagined — he really made me feel like he valued me as an individual, and you could tell he cared about his fans a lot."


    18. Angelina Jolie (aka Thena)

    Jolie as Thena

    "I met Angelina Jolie when she was filming Girl, Interrupted (they were filming across the street from the daycare/after-school program I went to). One day, she came over during a break and brought us tons of new toys, games, clothes, and snacks. I will never forget how genuinely kind and warm and lovely she was to all of us. I was a little bit older than most of the other kids (I was 12), and Angelina took the time to talk to me. She asked what I was interested in, and I said I loved reading classic experimental fiction — she came back the next day before she left town to give me a copy of The Sheltering Sky. She wasn't super famous at the time, and she was just the sweetest and funniest person — I still have the book."


    19. Zachary Levi (aka Fandral)

    Levi as Fandral

    "Zachary Levi is actually the nicest person ever. We went to the stage door after seeing him in She Loves Me (he was amazing in it!), and the first thing he did when he came out was put a boombox on while waiting for the other actors to change. Then, he went down the line signing autographs and taking pictures — he was definitely there the longest. Additionally, my sister told him about a time that she accidentally knocked him over in Times Square, and he jokingly said, 'That was you?! I was black and blue for weeks!' He's so sweet."


    20. Paul Rudd (aka Scott Lang/Ant-Man)

    Rudd as Ant-Man

    "I met Paul Rudd on a flight from New York and sat next to him on the plane. My buddy leaned over and told me that he wanted to compliment him on the band T-shirt he wore while making Clueless, but he 'didn't want to be weird.' So, his solution was to write Paul Rudd a note and slip it to him. When he did this, Paul got a nervous look on his face, then opened the note and read it. He started cracking up laughing, leaned over to us, and said: 'Best note ever.' He then told us the whole story behind the Clueless T-shirt, how he fought with the costume department about it because it was the shirt he wore to set that day. We talked the whole flight — dude was super cool."


    21. Zendaya (aka MJ)

    Zendaya as MJ

    "I met Zendaya at Disneyland when she was first starting out. I was 21 years old at the time, but I still knew who she was because Disney was always on in my house, and I thought it'd be cool to get a picture with her. Understandably, her security was pushing her through and trying to keep the fans away — Zendaya stopped her security and said, 'Look, nobody standing here would have a job right now if it wasn't for people like them watching the show and supporting me. I'd really like it if you'd let me have a few minutes with my fans to thank them. It's the least I can do.' It was really surprising (she was only 13 or 14 at the time, I think) and she took pictures with all of the fans who asked (including my group) — she even complimented my boots and hair. She was overall really gracious and nice, especially for a young teen who suddenly became 'famous' in the public eye."


    22. And Stan Lee (aka the master behind this universe with the most iconic Marvel movie cameos)

    Lee in "The Incredible Hulk"

    "Stan Lee was the embodiment of 'the mind is willing even if the body isn't,' and I mean this with total respect. I saw him in 2015 at a Comic-Con, and the dude was as sharp as a tack (just imagine a super friendly grandpa — that was him). He clearly wanted to meet each and every single fan with sincere appreciation for all their support, but at the same time, he was in his 90s, and he clearly got tired easily. He had to take literal naps in between photo ops and signings, but he still kept them intentionally brief because he had more photos to take and stuff to sign. He was awesome — no doubt about it."


    "Stan Lee was my neighbor for a while, and he directly wrote me letters (which I now have framed on my wall). Stan Lee was the best celebrity I've ever met by far."


    "Stan was amazing — I met him once at a Comic-Con and got a couple of autographs. He was awesome, and actually took a minute to personally speak to everyone who came by. He was a real class act — a lot of other celebrities just smiled, signed autographs, and moved on, but not Stan."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.