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25 Small Things That Are Actually Huge For People With Anxiety

Please don't call me on my cellphone. Texting is just fine.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the little things that give them the most anxiety. Here are the real results.

1. When you need to ask someone for help in a clothing store.

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—Angelina Marie Heaps, Facebook

2. When it's your turn to give the waiter your dinner order.

Fox / Via

—Megan Fifield-Meehan, Facebook

3. When you're forced to participate in small talk.

Comedy Central / Via

—Kaitlyn Whiteside, Facebook

4. When someone calls you on the phone instead of texting you.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

—Sophie Reynolds, Facebook

5. Having to introduce one group of friends to your other group of friends.

6. When you have to download the latest update on your cell phone or computer.

USA Network / Via

—Susan Diamond Riley, Facebook

7. When you're alone and walk in front of a group of people congregating on the street.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

—Kelsey Ognibene, Facebook

8. And when you accidentally make direct eye contact with them.

Fox / Via

9. When someone vomits in your general area.

10. When your teacher forces you to “find a partner” during class.

Nickelodeon / Via

—Sara Leclair, Facebook

11. When someone asks: “Can I speak with you?”

12. When you have to respond to multiple people in a group text.

13. When you're in the checkout line with your mom and she leaves you alone to grab another item.

ABC / Via

14. When you're the first person to arrive somewhere.

ABC / Via

—Patricia Beatriz Rodríguez Pérez, Facebook

15. When you open your email and see hundreds of unread messages.

NBC / Via

—Chris Waylon, Facebook

16. And when you need to compose an email to your boss.

17. When you're confronted with a "push and pull" door.

18. When you're left alone with little kids.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

19. When a stranger gets on the elevator with you.

FX / Via

—Carolyn Eastman, Facebook

20. When your friend asks you to pick the music in the car.

Disney Channel / Via

—Katherine Ellis, Facebook

21. When you have to pay for something at the cash register.

CBS / Via

—Jessica Martinez, Facebook

22. When your friends make last-minute plans to hang out.

Cartoon Network / Via


23. When someone asks you to pick up something for them at the store.

24. When you have to change lanes on the highway.

25. And when you need to poop in a public bathroom.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

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