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    25 Satisfying Bullet Journal Layouts That'll Soothe Your Soul

    Organization never looked so good.

    If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, I’m here to tell you it's literally the coolest trend to ever exist. Bullet journal users, otherwise known as bujo junkies, use them to log their personal goals, daily activities, and intimate thoughts in a beautifully organized way.

    Here are a few bujo layouts to soothe your soul.

    1. Awwww yes.

    2. That's the stuff.

    3. *inhales*

    4. *exhales*

    5. I'm in love.

    6. A thing of true beauty.

    7. OMG.

    8. I can't.

    9. 😍

    10. *faints*

    11. Whoa.

    12. Hold up.

    13. I'm obsessed.

    14. *breathes heavily*

    15. I'm speechless.

    16. Unreal.

    17. And I, eee-I...

    18. ...will always love you.

    19. *smokes cigarette*

    20. Soooo satisfying.

    21. God damn.

    22. Breathtaking.

    23. Yaaass.

    24. Oh man.

    25. To me, you are perfect.

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