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    42 Brilliant Moments From The Women Of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" That Prove They Were The Best Parts Of The Whole Show

    "I would make the perfect American president based on my skill set, dance ability, and bloodlust." —Gina Linetti

    As Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes to an end, I thought it was only right to celebrate the 3 women of the 99th precinct who gave us nothing but hilarious one-liners, IDGAF attitude, and a friendship for the ages: Rosa Diaz, Gina Linetti, and Amy Santiago. 🗣️NINE-NINE!!!

    1. When Rosa told Gina she wouldn't be good at setting her up on a date and Gina responded in the most Gina way possible.

    Gina to Rosa: "The only thing I'm not good at is modesty, because I'm great at it"

    2. When Rosa bought Charles a dog named Arlo to help him grieve over his dead dog. But when Charles rejected him, Rosa took over and became a big ball of mush.

    Rosa: "I've only had Arlo for a day and a half. But if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself"

    3. When Gina gave a rundown on the various levels of Amy's alcohol tolerance, aka the Santiago Drunkenness Scale.

    Gina: "First drink is Amy Spacy, two drinks is Loud Amy, three drinks is Amy Dance Pants, four drinks is Amy is a bit of a pervert, five drinks is weirdly confident, and six drinks is Amy is just sad"

    4. And when Amy hit level four on the "Santiago Drunkenness Scale" at Charles's beach house, annoying the heck out of Rosa in the hot tub.

    Rosa to Amy: "I only brought a bikini. It seems weird to be in front of the captain wearing a bathing suit." Drunk Amy to Rosa: "Gotta cover up them thangs, yeah?"

    5. When Gina put Adrian Pimento in his place and revealed she'd been through worse things than him because she worked at a sunglasses kiosk at a mall.

    Gina to Pimento: "I worked at a sunglass kiosk at the mall for four years. So not only have I been through hell, I was assistant manager there"

    6. When Rosa made a subtle dig at Amy during a morning brief when they were discussing the longest stakeouts they've ever been on.

    Rosa: "Four hours is the most I've ever spent alone with any human. It was the worst experience of my life." Amy: "What about that time we drove out to Boston together? That was about four hours."

    7. When Amy took no prisoners during the Season 5 Halloween heist, including Jake, which ultimately turned him on.

    Amy to Jake: "Rot in hell, crap face! Also, I love you, and I treasure you — and ya bore me." Jake to Amy: "God, you're being so mean... Do it some more." Amy to Jake: "I hope you die."

    8. When the gang went to Captain Holt's birthday party at his house and Rosa introduced Gina to Kevin's coworkers from Columbia University because she knew they'd be mesmerized by her.

    Rosa: "Gina, what are you thinking about right now?" Gina: "I was thinking how I would make the perfect American president, based upon my skill set, dance ability, and bloodlust"

    9. And when Kevin's coworkers were so intrigued by Gina's confidence, they took out notepads and wrote down every bizarre thing she said.

    Gina to Kevin's coworkers: "My mother cried the day I was born because she knew she would never be better than me"

    10. When Charles asked Rosa if she was going to celebrate her birthday and she gave him the most Rosa response ever: "Anyone over the age of 6 celebrating a birthday should go to hell."

    11. When Jake and Captain Holt toasted to catching a serial killer in a deep and intimate moment, and Gina took the opportunity to toast to something way more important: Rihanna.

    12. When Amy was so nervous on her and Jake's wedding day, she had an urge to smoke but applied a nicotine patch to her forehead instead.

    Amy sticking a nicotine patch to her forehead, saying, "I want it as close to my brain as possible"

    13. When the precinct was packed full of people during lockdown mode, which caused Gina to both worry and lie at the same time.

    Gina: "I'm 23, I'm a celebrity, and today, I'm gonna die!" Rosa: "Not one word of that is true."

    14. When Amy was nervous about losing money after investing in Charles's food truck and Gina spilled the beans to Charles without a care in the world.

    Amy to Gina: "I told you that in confidence." Gina to Amy: "We don't have that kind of relationship."

    15. When Rosa confided in Terry that she was taking a break from dating because she was annoyed with the clichéd questions.

    Rosa to Terry: "I'm taking a break from dating for a while. I'm sick of asking people how many siblings they have. 'Oh, is it somewhere between zero and two?' How fascinating."

    16. When Gina was assisting Terry's wife Sharon through labor at the precinct and calmed herself down instead.

    Gina: "Think positive thoughts — you're in a Channing Tatum movie, you're in a Channing Tatum movie."

    17. When Amy pulled off the ultimate Halloween heist in Season 3 after Jake and Captain Holt didn't pick her to be on either one of their teams.

    Amy telling Jake and Holt on the roof: "You thought I was just Holt's lackey, and you thought I was just Jake's girlfriend. Well, I'm my own person, capable of making my own decisions, and I decided to humiliate you both."

    18. When Rosa didn't hold anything back when Jake asked her what the biggest problem around the pandemic was.

    Rosa to Jake: "Mass death, economic collapse, the way the disease has exposed the systemic injustice at the core of American life,"

    19. When Amy met Jake's mom for the first time and couldn't help but show off her lip-reading skills in the most awkward moment.

    Jake's mom: "I think she's really great." Amy to Jake's mom from the car: "I think you're really great too!"

    20. When Gina hosted a G-Hive event and made a fan of hers feel so seen and excited just by being her true, iconic self.

    Fan in crowd: "Gina, look at me!" Gina posing and the fan screaming louder when Gina says, "You're welcome!"

    21. When Wuntch recorded and left a video specifically for Holt when she died, and Rosa made a Holt-like diss about her.

    Wuntch in front of a fireplace. Amy: "When did she record this?" Rosa: "Judging by the flames around her, it could be a livestream." Holt: "Very good, Rosa."

    22. Literally anytime something good happened to Amy and she celebrated with her legendary dork dances (in and outside of the precinct).

    Amy moving her arms up and down above her head and moving them tightly in a fist as she awkwardly dances in the precinct, the middle of the street, and the hallway in her apartment building.

    23. When Gina proved to be the most iconic person at the 99th precinct when she revealed she always carried a blow-dryer around with her in her purse.

    Jake to Gina: "Hey, do you carry a hair dryer in your purse?" Gina: "Of course. I'm not an animal."

    24. When Rosa made fun of Amy's interest in Teddy because he was a "good listener" and instead explained the most important quality she looks for in a guy: "Real stuff. Shape of his ass."

    Rosa: "That's the guy you said the lame stuff about. Like, 'he's a good listener." Amy: "I'm sorry, what do you look for in a guy?" Rosa: "I don't know, real stuff. Shape of his ass."

    25. When Amy based her fourth Halloween heist plan around The Baby-Sitters Club and instead of making fun of it, Rosa was 100% down for the wholesomeness of it all.

    Rosa to Amy: "I even did your suggested reading of 'Kristy's Big Day.'" Amy: "You did?!" Rosa: "Calm down — you're such a Mary Anne." Amy: "I am! It's true!"

    26. When Gina was in a Die Hard–like hostage situation with Jake and Charles, and suggested she make a handy flamethrower to hurt the bad guys.

    Gina telling Jake: "We don't need guns -- I have a lighter. We get some hairspray, make some flamethrowers. Let's fry these bitches."

    27. When Rosa told the squad that she identified as bisexual and she allowed them to ask any questions they might have.

    Rosa explaining how long she had known she was bisexual: "Since seventh grade. I was watching 'Save By the Bell' and I thought, Zack Morris is hot. And then I thought Lisa Turtle, also hot."

    28. When the gang surprised Rosa at her apartment for a game night after her parents gave her a hard time for coming out and Gina cheered her up in the most Gina way.

    Gina to Rosa: "You know, in another lifetime, you and I would have made a hotass couple." Rosa: "Agreed."

    29. When Charles tried to help a stressed-out Amy with baby Mac at Holt's "lake house" and she snapped at him with a brilliant insult.

    Boyle: "Trust me, I'm sort of a natural mother." Amy: "Yeah, natural motherfucker."

    30. When Rosa was nervous to tell Marcus she loved him and confided in Charles that she's only said it to three family members (one time being a major regret).

    Rosa: "I've only said 'I love you' to three people. My mom, my dad, and my dying grandpa, and one of those I regret." Charles: "Which one?" Rosa: "Grandpa. He beat cancer, so now I look like an idiot."

    31. When Gina helped Captain Holt prepare for a TV interview with a genius vocal exercise that rhymed with her name.

    Gina to Holt: "Gina Linetti spaghetti confetti"

    32. When Amy confided in Rosa when she was super stressed out at work, and Rosa couldn't help but be honest with the reality of their situations.

    Amy to Rosa: "I mean, is anything even real?" Rosa to Amy: "No. Odds are we exist in a computer simulation, but I don't have time to go down that rabbit hole."

    33. When Gina persuaded Holt to make her his campaign manager while he ran for president of the AAGLYNYCPA (African American Gay and Lesbian New York City Policeman's Association), solely because she has great hair and loves to lie.

    Gina: "You should make me your campaign manager. I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying."

    34. When Amy felt stressed that Wuntch would fail the 99th during an evaluation and brought up the only F she received in her life: recess in second grade.

    Amy: "Oh my God, she's totally gonna flunk us. I haven't gotten an F since I failed recess in second grade. 'Teachers need a break too, Amy.'"

    35. When the 99th was in charge of redecorating the break room and Rosa immediately pulled inspiration from Cameron Diaz's and Kate Winslet's homes in The Holiday.

    Rosa: "Let's draw from a wide variety of sources, anything from Cameron Diaz's kitchen in 'The Holiday' to Kate Winslet's kitchen in 'The Holiday.'" Terry: "Is that such a huge range?"

    36. When Rosa revealed herself as the bunny who won the Season 7 Halloween heist and showed off her victory in the most Rosa way possible: by burning her name in fire.

    Rosa to the gang at the bar: "Technically, we all shared in Jake's first win, so this might be my fourth."

    37. And when Rosa revealed her Halloween heist victory secrets, which included winning Cheddar over by feeding him ham for over a year.

    Rosa to Holt: "I spent every morning for the last year giving Cheddar a taste for ham." Holt: "Oh, so that's why he ended up on 'Chonky Pups.'" Rosa: "I submitted his photo."

    38. When Gina insulted Amy's sexual relationship with Jake (yet again) and Amy responded with her dorky and lovable charm.

    Gina: "Let me guess: You and Jake are having problems, and you want me to teach you how to kiss." Amy: "What? No, stop that! I know how to kiss — I've read books."

    39. When Amy goofily tried to suck up to Holt at the beginning of the series, only to be struck with his logic in return.

    Amy: "Your wish is my command." Holt: "No, that was actually a command. So my command is your command." Amy: "Well then, I guess you still have all three of your wishes."

    40. When Rosa filled Jake in on everything he missed while he was undercover with the mob, including the ever iconic "Gina Incident."

    Rosa to Jake: "Captain banned headphones from the office due to the Gina incident." Cut to Gina listening to music with her eyes closed while Terry is trying to take down a suspect.

    41. When Amy, Gina, and Terry were on a strict diet together and Amy lashed out at Hitchcock for stepping on one of her snacks.

    Amy yelling at Hitchcock: "I hope you get hit by a truck and a dog takes a dump on your face."

    42. And when Rosa explained to Amy she shouldn't feel bad about wanting to wear a cool wedding dress, especially since she arrested a dude while trying one on.

    Rosa to Amy: "Amy, you are an amazing cop and a great leader and you have proven that a billion times over. You can't let other people's opinions get in the way of what you want, especially because other people suck."