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    17 Times The Women Of "Grease" Were, Without A Doubt, The Best Part Of The Whole Movie

    "She looks too pure to be pink."

    1. When Sandy slammed the door on Danny at the drive-in after he tried to make a move on her.

    Sandy slamming the car door on Danny, upset, while saying: "You think I'm gonna stay here with you in this sin wagon?"

    2. When Frenchy followed her passion and decided to attend beauty school for a short while.

    Frenchy with bright pink hair, staring at Frankie Avalon while he sings "Beauty School Dropout"

    3. When Danny tried to insult Rizzo at the diner, but she fired right back at him with her quick wit.

    Danny insulting Rizzo at the diner with hatred: "Oh bite the weenie, Rizz." And she sarcastically responds with: "With relish"

    4. When Frenchy gave Sandy this very smart and wise advice at the pep rally after Danny was mean to her.

    Frenchy trying to cheer Sandy up at the pep rally after Danny dissed her, saying: "Listen, Sandy, men are rats. Listen to me. They're fleas on rats. Worse than that, they're amoebas on fleas on rats"

    5. When Jan was unapologetic about her love for snacking and brought Twinkies to the sleepover at Frenchy's.

    Marty criticizing Jan for bringing Twinkies to the sleepover, saying: "Twinkies and wine? That's real class, Jan"

    6. When Kenickie mistreated Rizzo in front of her best friend, and she retaliated by throwing a strawberry milkshake in his face.

    Kenickie mistreating Rizzo at the diner; with a vengeance, Rizzo angrily responds by throwing a milkshake in his face while saying: "Finish this! To you from me, Pinky Lee!"

    7. When Principal McGee twisted her words and accidentally talked about men's athletic cups during the morning announcements.

    Principal McGee giving the morning announcements, accidentally twisting her words around when saying: "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter." Her face is content, then turns into shock

    8. When Marty refused to be tied down to one man and had multiple pen pals, including a Marine stationed in Korea.

    Marty explaining to Sandy she's a good penpal to the men she writes to, while sitting on bed writing a letter; Marty telling Rizzo and Jan she's dating a Marine

    9. When Rizzo wasn't afraid to speak her mind — like, ever.

    Rizzo lying down on the bench during "Summer Nights" wearing sunglasses, singing with attitude: "'Cause he sounds like a drag"

    10. When Sandy offered her unconditional support to Rizzo, even when she was cruel to her their entire senior year.

    Sandy offering an upset Rizzo help at school toward the end of the movie, even though they aren't good friends. They have an unspoken truce

    11. When Jan twisted Patty Simcox's hair with a fork like spaghetti while everyone else was busy singing "Summer Nights."

    Jan delightfully twisting Patty's long hair with a fork, as if she were eating spaghetti, while the rest of her female classmates sing "Summer Nights"

    12. When Rizzo didn't let her breakup with Kenickie stop her from going to the dance and having a good time.

    Rizzo leaning on the side of a car while "Crater Face" looks over; the two of them dancing sensually at the dance, having fun

    13. When Marty delivered the best burn to Cha-Cha before the race at Thunder Road.

    Marty insulting "Crater Face" and Cha-Cha at the race at Thunder Road with extreme attitude, saying she gave him "A lock of hair, from her chest!"

    14. When Rizzo gave zero f*cks and was responsible for belting the most iconic diss track of all time.

    Rizzo dancing around in an oversized shirt and wig, singing "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee"

    15. When Principal McGee sent a picture of Doody, Putzie, and Sonny mooning at the dance to the FBI, hoping to get them in trouble.

    Principal McGee making an announcement after the dance with anger, telling everyone she sent the "Mooners" pictures to the FBI for investigation

    16. When Blanche (Principal McGee's secretary) lived her best life by joining the band onstage while the rest of the teachers ran away from the cameras.

    Blanche dancing on stage during the dance while the rest of the teachers are terrified of what the students are doing on the dance floor

    17. And when Rizzo, Jan, and Marty walked into Rydell on the first day of their senior year, confident as hell:

    Jan, Rizzo, and Marty walking into Rydell on the first day of school as seniors, with confidence, saying: "Okay, girls. Let's go get 'em"