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19 Reasons Beyoncé And Tina Belcher Are Actually The Same Person

Belcher all on his mouth like liquor.

Recently a tumblr user posted a mash-up of Beyoncé and Tina Belcher GIFs to Bey's "Partition." It proves just how similar these two women are.

1. Beyoncé and Tina both wear black rimmed glasses.

2. They enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

3. They're extremely seductive ladies.

4. They wear mascara and lipstick.

5. And are just so damn ***flawless.

Here is further proof that Beyoncé and Tina Belcher are basically the same person.

6. Bey and Tina know how to make an entrance.

7. Their perspective on beauty is pretty similar.

8. Bey and Tina both know how to brilliantly insult someone.

9. They enjoy a good kiss.

10. They're confident women who know what they want.

11. Bey and Tina can swerve their hips like nobody's business.

12. And get down with their men in style.

13. These women were born with a natural attitude.

14. Bey and Tina are one with the wind.

15. They love hanging at the beach.

16. They both have a close relationship with their little sisters.

17. Being perfect is never an issue they're concerned with.

18. They don't have patience to deal with nonsense.

19. And Beyoncé and Tina are great role models for women everywhere.