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19 Reasons Beyoncé And Tina Belcher Are Actually The Same Person

Belcher all on his mouth like liquor.

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Recently a tumblr user posted a mash-up of Beyoncé and Tina Belcher GIFs to Bey's "Partition." It proves just how similar these two women are.

1. Beyoncé and Tina both wear black rimmed glasses.

2. They enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

3. They're extremely seductive ladies.

4. They wear mascara and lipstick.

5. And are just so damn ***flawless.

Here is further proof that Beyoncé and Tina Belcher are basically the same person.

6. Bey and Tina know how to make an entrance.

Fox / Via

7. Their perspective on beauty is pretty similar.

8. Bey and Tina both know how to brilliantly insult someone.

9. They enjoy a good kiss.

10. They're confident women who know what they want.

Fox / Via

11. Bey and Tina can swerve their hips like nobody's business.

12. And get down with their men in style.

CBS / Via

13. These women were born with a natural attitude.

14. Bey and Tina are one with the wind.

Fox / Via

15. They love hanging at the beach.

Fox / Via

16. They both have a close relationship with their little sisters.

BET / Via

17. Being perfect is never an issue they're concerned with.

Fox / Via

18. They don't have patience to deal with nonsense.

19. And Beyoncé and Tina are great role models for women everywhere.

Fox / Via

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