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23 Times Anna Kendrick Said Everything You Were Thinking

Happy birthday to Anna Kendrick, who turns 30 this weekend!

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Anna Kendrick quote in honor of her 30th birthday. Here are the brilliant results.

1. On setting your priorities:

2. On sexism in Hollywood:

3. On not pleasing others:

4. On gaining life experience:

5. On perfecting social media:

6. On ego:

7. On complaining:

8. On Abercrombie's haunting smell:

9. On the true meaning of happiness:

10. On personal maintenance:

11. On the stress of autocorrect:

12. On strong female characters:

13. On today's beauty standards:

14. On the brilliance of Ryan Gosling:

15. On choosing your friends wisely:

16. On embracing self-doubt:

17. On feminism:

18. On coming to terms with who you are:

19. On Pixar's most heartbreaking moments:

20. On being healthy:

21. On humility:

22. On taste in food:

23. And on having your life together:

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