"Miranda Didn't Deserve Steve From The Beginning," And 52 Other Reactions From "Sex And The City" Fans About Their Status In The Revival

    "And just like that, the Brooklyn Bridge meant nothing for Miranda and Steve."

    First things first: We are not here to slander Miranda's queer journey in And Just Like That... For the record, it's my favorite part of the revival, and it's incredible to see her character discover this part of herself later in life.


    But with all of that said, a lot of Sex and the City fans aren't okay with how Miranda's handling it — in particular, how she's been treating Steve in the revival. They've been through a lot together as a couple, and folks can't help but remember how genuinely kind Steve always was to Miranda.

    Steve calling Miranda and telling her to look at the rare blue moon in the sky in "Sex and the City"

    People believe Steve deserves better than Miranda after all of these years, and honestly, I can't blame them.

    Miranda telling Carrie how she's realized she loves Steve, so she picked a fight with him in "Sex and the City"

    So, here are some tweets from Sex and the City fans who believe Steve deserves SO much better than Miranda in And Just Like That...:

    Warning: Spoilers ahead! 🚨


    Steve’s speech broke my heart into million pieces. He deserves so much more 😢 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @anmorales24


    Glad Steve at least got to tell Miranda that life with her hasn’t exactly been an endless picnic. He was so right when he told her “you’ve spent all these yrs going back-&-forth - not/good enough. I really like that he made clear that “this is it”💔 #AndJustLikeThat #AJLT #SATC

    Twitter: @roncisco


    “…that’s married life.” 🥺 Steve, you are enough. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @tatiana__xo


    Miranda breaking Steve's heart into a million pieces then enthusiastically running off to the airport to chase Che while bragging about it on the phone to narcissistic Carrie isn't giving what the writers thought it would give 🥴 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @carriebradwh0re / HBO



    Twitter: @RilkeHousewives


    Can someone call Debbie to see if she’s available for Steve? #ajlt #mirandahobbes #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @laffmytitsoff


    Poor Magda would be rolling over in her grave if she knew the crap Miranda was pulling. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @laean4luvs


    I will choose to remember them like this, and this way only #andjustlikethat #justiceforsteve

    Twitter: @esf603 / HBO


    Me protecting Steve from the writers of #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @cassadyclark24


    Me patiently waiting for Che to inevitably break Miranda's heart and or spirit inevitably, the same way Miranda broke Steve's. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @RocknRollaDiva


    I couldn’t help but wonder, why have they RUINED Miranda and Steve like Brooklyn Bridge meant NOTHING 🤧 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @onlyjoekin_ / HBO


    #AndJustLikeThat Steve and Miranda go from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Lincoln Tunnel

    Twitter: @Hbomb88


    This is always and forever a Steve Brady fan account and Miranda can officially catch these fucking hands. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @samij30


    This weeks #andjustlikethat isn’t without flaws, but at least it put some GD respect on my man Steve’s character!

    Twitter: @laughing_willow Craig Blankenhorn / HBO


    Twitter: @Homesiteshop


    #AndJustLikeThat - Steve, “I’m never taking my ring off…” I need a box of tissues…several.

    Twitter: @Michell46406396


    There, i fix it it for you #mirandahobbes #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @rockdarklady


    Ugh... one of the best sequences of the og show and miranda just took a steaming shit all over it and.. 😭and.. 😭and steve just wants her to be happy and..... im pissed 😤#AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @Jennife39959570 / HBO


    You mean to tell me Miranda just broke Steve’s heart just for Che to stand there and say they aren’t even dating?! I KNOW YOU FUCKING LYING!! #AJLT #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @martinf203


    Twitter: @mramiirezccc


    In my mind this reboot never existed and everyone is happy #AJLT #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @clairecolella3 / HBO


    Excuse me ma’am, but you most certainly made him feel bad. You made him feel like the life he loved was a joke. Can’t wait for your comeuppance. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @Lilyfaire


    #AndJustLikeThat Steve should have welcomed Miranda like this.

    Twitter: @imthespecialk


    Steve told Miranda about herself and said he is always there to rally for them but he can't this time I had so many tears for him. Miranda has dragged this man through hell for years.She is about to be crushed by Che and I can't wait. the downfall is coming #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @CrxyBeAutiful


    Sorry Miranda but I hope your relationship with Che ends in tears after what you've done to poor Steve 😢 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @Moviesontheway New Line Cinema / courtesy Everett Collection


    If Steve ever takes her back, I am suing #AndJustLikeThat #AJLT #TeamSteve

    Twitter: @Homesiteshop Craig Blankenhorn/HBO


    I feel like Che’s idea of traditional and Miranda’s idea of traditional are very different things. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @TheMessyMrs


    I’d like to talk to the #AndJustLikeThat writers who handled Steve and Miranda

    Twitter: @ianmichaelstone


    Not sure bringing Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte back only to have us root for Steve was part of the plan. #AndJustLikeThat    #AJLT

    Twitter: @nessiesdaughter


    Paging Miranda circa 2004 to talk some sense into Miranda circa now. You don’t just leave your husband for someone who left you on read for 3 months. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @TheMessyMrs


    Twitter: @canyou_sonicme


    How Steve gonna sleep now that Miranda can stop messing with his head after 20+ years and he can chill and eat ice cream in peace #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @summer91409842


    Me every Thursday night #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @betsizzle_


    Alternative ending for #AndJustLikeThat Miranda: I WANT PASSION I WANT FIREWORKS!!!! Steve:

    Twitter: @wrtrontheradio


    I'll literally be in my 80s and I'll still be annoyed about what they did to Miranda and Steve #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @carriebradwh0re


    Upon reflection, Miranda has ALWAYS been this selfish and Steve has always deserved more. She never respected him. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @Chipwich_Nation


    and just like that, miranda became the voice of the boomer generation and steve became an honorary millennial...

    Twitter: @reebsthereader


    what i’d give to have a bowl of ice cream every night with a guy like steve 🥺 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @datingala HBO


    Oh Steve, you deserve so much better 😔 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @jtownes4


    if Miranda doesn’t want Steve, I’ll take him! #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @pizzasandpearls


    Hmm the way satc destroyed and robbed these two characters who are literally the best boyfriend/husband in this entire series, i really hate it here #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @_be_by / HBO


    Steve: “I don’t know what else you think is out there.” Miranda: “…I’ve met someone.” 😭 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @justicedeveraux


    Miranda wanting to divorce poor Steve for someone she met 3 episodes ago is so ridiculous to me... And Just Like That as a whole is dysfunctional and I'll be pretending it doesn't exist once this season is over #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @Pierre_Jennaoui


    Q:Where’s the Miranda who bathed Steve’s mum? A: Checking her bags in at the airport to get finger banged and stoned with a playaaa #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @AndJustLike_huh


    Miranda, who gave Charlotte grief for envisioning a future with Harry before they were even engaged and rode Carrie’s ass about her “fantasy life” with the Russian…is going to just toss Steve to the curb and run to someone who won’t commit fully to her… #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @LindsBravo


    This #Satc reboot is something else for us miranda fans jeezzzz. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @LauraSmith612


    That scene with Steve >> GUTTED me. I couldn't handle it. I think that @DavidEigenberg's acting in that scene is my favorite so far in the show. It hurt so hard. It was an amazing scene by him. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @roncisco


    And just like that…Brooklyn bridge meant nothing for Miranda and Steve.

    Twitter: @JustSRnotmyname


    they really broke up steve and miranda after everything they went thru wtf

    Twitter: @fckuflipflops


    Steve is one of the good ones. 🤧 #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @canyou_sonicme / HBO


    I can’t believe they ruined THIS #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @kalkavya


    Unpopular opinion- Miranda never deserved Steve from the beginning. #AndJustLikeThat

    Twitter: @shaybaby105


    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Steve Brady is a class act and he deserves better 😌 #AndJustLikeThat #SexAndTheCity

    Twitter: @melbecav Craig Blankenhorn/HBO