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    21 Brilliant Erykah Badu Philosophies That Will Inspire You

    "You don't have to believe everything you think."

    1. On thought process.

    2. On making mistakes.

    3. On being grateful.

    4. On authenticity.

    5. On striving to be good.

    6. On independence.

    7. On reclaiming history.

    8. On what to believe in.

    9. On being honest in one's work.

    10. On the fear of knowledge.

    11. On beauty.

    12. On being an artist.

    13. On questioning your belief system.

    14. On sex and love.

    15. On the impact of hip-hop music.

    16. On individuality.

    17. On change.

    18. On work ethic.

    19. On the creative process.

    20. On the beauty of art.

    21. And on freedom.