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What's Your Favorite Popular Song From The '90s Or The '00s?

From OutKast to Britney Spears, this is truly the best generation.

No disrespect to other generations, but the '90s and the early '00s literally released the best music of ALL TIME.

We had icons like Britney Spears rocking schoolgirl outfits and belting pop hits like "...Baby One More Time."

And legends like J.Lo and Ja Rule who defined our generation with iconic R&B tracks like "I'm Real."

We also had innovators like Missy Elliott who changed the game with her visuals and lyrics on "Work It."

There's truly nothing that compares to the millennial era of music.

Thankfully the music still lives on, so tell us your fave song from the '90s or the '00s in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!