39 Catchphrases Real "Friends" Fans Use On A Regular Basis

Because it’s hard to survive the day without a little help from your Friends.

1. When you try to explain the importance of opinion.

“Moo” comes to mind before “moot.”

2. Anytime you see something mind-numbingly awful.

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And you nail Phoebe’s high-pitch tone.

3. When someone tries to “mansplain” or “put you in your place.”

It kills ‘em every time.

4. When someone doesn’t pronounce or spell a word properly.

Your “The One with the Embryos” Monica comes out.

5. When you’re hanging out with someone who’s taller than you.

Damn the big trees.

6. When you feel the need to show off your intelligence.

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[Puts “Unagi” fingers to head]

7. Or Rachel’s “Salmon skin roll.”

[With huge hints of attitude]

8. You use Phoebe’s perfect explanation when you want to avoid a bothersome situation.

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Because it’s honest and witty. Nobody will try to persuade you after using this phrase.

9. When someone asks if they can have a bite of your meal.

You exclaim this with a voice that reaches the heavens.

10. When you get excited about knowing something.

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[Insert Monica’s excited tone]

11. When you tell someone to lower their voice, you do Ross’ “quiet-down thing.”

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Yes it’s annoying when Ross does it, but it gets the job done.

12. When someone tells you a boring story and you just don’t give a care.

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Thank you for this, Rach.

13. When you say something you immediately regret.

Via NBC / Kayla Yandoli / sitcomsonline.com

Oh bugger.

14. When you say something repeatedly and nobody hears you, you use this Phoebe phrase to emphasize your anger.

For God’s sake, Judy!

15. When you move any piece of furniture in your home.


16. When someone is frustrating you.

Pulling a Chandler “PIVOT!!!” moment is perfect.

17. When you get ready for a workout, you whip out the enthusiastic Monica.

Via NBC / wifflegif.com

“We’re working, we’re moving, we’re in the zone, we’re grooving!”

18. When you hit on someone, you automatically use Joey’s classic pick-up line.

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Works like a charm.

19. When you’re so upset and want to curse out the world.

[Bangs fists twice] [Then releases with attitude]

20. You also use Joey’s go-to Italian curse.

It’s funny because not a lot of people understand what it means. YAS to secret Friends cursing tactics.

21. When you say goodbye to a group of people, you whip out the Eddie Menuek.

Via NBC / Kayla Yandoli / ew.com

[Insert awkward farewell salute]

22. When you smell someone a little funky, you sing “Smelly Cat.”

“Smelly smelly smelly, really bad, really smelly cat.”

23. Whenever you’re counting or making a list, and reach the number “seven,” you dramatically say it like Monica.

And raise your hands to make a “seven!”

24. When you get rejected, or make a huge mistake in a relationship.

Because we can all relate to Chandler.

25. When you’re completely baffled by something, you use this classic Janice phrase.

Long, exaggerated spacing between the “Oh. My. God.” is important.

26. When you see someone too beautiful for words.

Crying is good.

27. When you’re cranky and you just want some food.

Via NBC / badtvblog.com

No time for smalltalk.

28. When you’re mad at the world and want to take it out on one person.

And if you’re anything like Monica, you scare the bejesus out of the person.

29. When you’re exhausted and you’re caught doing something embarrassing.

Bing to the rescue.

30. Anytime you go running, you do this for at least two minutes.

And never fail to perfect the cross between Kermit the Frog and the Six Million Dollar Man.

31. When you try to compensate for cheating on your significant other, or cheating on your diet.

Basically any cheating of the sort. However, you never use this phrase to refer to the Ross and Rachel breakup because… well… were they really on a break?

32. When someone tries to force a diet on you.

Via NBC / pinterest.com

Embrace your curves and hourglass shape.

33. When you finish defending yourself in a fight, you conclude with this line.

Especially if you have a fierce vein in your head like Monica.

34. Whenever you get excited, you whip out the classic Chandler dance.

Keep it loosey goosey.

35. When you apologize for something, you always include the innocent Joey air-quotes.

Via NBC / dailyedge.ie

[air-quote] BUT I REALLY AM SORRY [end air-quote]

36. You say this to someone when he or she comes out of the bathroom.

Even if the fly isn’t open. It’s quick and witty.

37. When you talk about the love of your life, or someone you’re just crushing hard on.

Because finding a lobster in this world is hard.

38. When someone offers you a piece of gum.

To you gum is perfection.

39. When you can’t find the right words to say, you jump to Phoebe’s alter ego “Regina Phalange.”

Seriously though - “phalange” is the perfect word replacement.

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