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    "30 Rock" Actually Predicted Sony Canceling "The Interview" A Long Time Ago

    What the WHAT?

    Lately, everyone's been talking about Sony Pictures pulling the new James Franco and Seth Rogen film, The Interview.

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    But, according to Tumblr, this controversial cancellation was predicted a long time ago.

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    In 30 Rock's Season 4 episode "Klaus and Greta," James Franco guest stars as himself.

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    Franco wants to hire Jenna Maroney as his fake girlfriend to cover up the rumor that he's in love with a body pillow.

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    In this negotiation meeting with Jenna and Liz Lemon, he reveals something very interesting.

    NBC / Via

    "I wish I lived in France."

    So basically, 30 Rock knew Sony was going to cancel The Interview five years ago. Well done, guys.

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