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    25 Things "Legally Blonde" Taught Me About College Life

    What, like it's hard?

    Listen to "Perfect Day" as you scroll down.

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    1. Studying is absolutely essential -- you shouldn't wait until the last minute!

    2. You'll find crazy fun and super supportive friends.

    3. There are cool professors who encourage you to kick ass inside and outside the classroom.

    4. And then there are ones who judge you based on your appearance, not your mind.

    5. You learn it's better to march to the beat of your own drum than to blend in with the crowd.

    6. You'll find that some of your peers will do anything to save their reputation.

    7. Theme parties exist. If you're gonna go to one, do it right.

    8. You get nervous anytime you interact with your big campus crush.

    9. Even though some students think giving lap dances are viable options to passing, just stick to good old-fashioned studying to pass your finals.

    10. You'll get the occasional stank eye in class when you answer a question correctly.

    11. Don't judge someone based on your first meeting. Give that person a second chance -- he or she can be really awesome.

    12. Being accepted into college isn't as difficult as it seems.

    13. You'll have at least one interaction with a pretentious person, and it'll be absolutely ridiculous.

    14. It's OK to feel good about yourself when you ace a test.

    15. Socializing and making new friends can be difficult.

    16. Students actually bring textbooks to the gym so they can do their homework.

    17. And because they work out, they're positive. They would never kill their roommate.

    18. Self-confidence is the key to a successful life.

    19. Sometimes guys can be humongous douchebags...

    20. ...but then a good one comes along, and you realize not all of them are jerks.

    21. You can't be afraid to fight for what you believe in.

    22. The "bend and snap" will attract lots of attention.

    23. A Roman numeral added to the end of your last name doesn't mean squat.

    24. Failure and rejection is a part of everyday life.

    25. But just try your best to have a perfect day.