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    24 Things "Friends" Taught You About Being Single

    Your love life's D.O.A.

    1. Drunk dialing your crush happens more often than you'd like.

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    ~Hides forever~

    2. Getting set up on a blind date is the actual worst.

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    Oh, the torture.

    3. No matter how old you get, your parents will always bug you about your relationship status.

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    4. Sometimes you'll find yourself going back to an old flame.

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    Even if it's someone as colorful as Janice.

    5. And it's a total disappointment.

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    ALL the regrets.

    6. Sometimes the person you think is your soulmate actually isn't.

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    Chandler and Janice are definitive proof.

    7. Playing the field can be pretty fun.

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    Let loose and try on a few different hats.

    8. But one-night stands can take a nasty left turn.

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    You don't want to be lied to by a Paul the wine guy.

    9. It's hard to keep up with all of your crushes.

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    So many baes, such little time.

    10. And stalking them is completely normal.

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    Binoculars and all.

    11. There's absolutely no shame in staying in your pajamas all day after a breakup.

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    Because who is there to impress? NOBODY, THAT'S WHO.

    12. You realize food is your one true love.

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    13. And drinking will solve almost any problem.

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    Chug your singleness down with pride.

    14. You have moments when you think your life is going absolutely nowhere.

    15. But then you see the cringeworthy experiences your friends go through, and you feel better about yourself.

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    If you have feelings for someone else, you probably shouldn't make a lifelong commitment to another person.

    16. Valentine's Day is still fun, even when you're single.

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    You can perform rituals to defy your exes. Muahaha.

    17. Alone time is the best time.

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    ~Let me be~

    18. Because there's nobody more fabulous than yourself.

    19. Dating in the workplace is sometimes great.

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    If there's a Tag Jones-type in the office, JUMP ON IT.

    20. Meeting someone is always a stressful experience.

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    Being smooth isn't really your shtick.

    21. And flirting is the worst thing in the world.

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    There's only so many pizzas you can order.

    22. Just because you're single, it doesn't mean you're a loser.

    Your friends are always there to boost your confidence.

    23. You sometimes feel sad because you see that everyone is getting engaged or married.

    And you're just stuck.

    24. But you don't feel too bad because you have amazing friends in your life. And that's always better.

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