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21 Heartbreaking Pixar Moments That'll Make You Cry Every Time

The first 15 minutes of Up = nonstop tears. *Spoiler alert for all Pixar movies*

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the saddest Pixar movie moment ever. Here are the gut-wrenching results.

1. When Ellie tragically passes away in the first 15 minutes of Up.

2. When Sulley is forced to say goodbye to Boo.

3. When Andy plays with his toys one last time before leaving for college.

4. ...And when Woody says good-bye to Andy on Bonnie's porch.

5. When Dory begs Marlin not to abandon their friendship and their mission to find Nemo.

6. When Merida thinks her mother is stuck as a bear forever and completely breaks down.

7. When Carl finds the sweet note Ellie wrote to him at the end of her adventure book.

8. When Jessie’s owner completely abandons her and leaves her in a donation box.

9. ...And when the equally painful Sarah McLachlan song, "When She Loved Me," plays along to the flashback.

10. When Wall-E's memory is recovered when Eve holds his hand.

11. When we learn that Anton Ego's mother used to make him ratatouille as a young boy.

12. When Coral dies by protecting all of her eggs from the shark in the beginning of Finding Nemo.

Submitted by lillya4b11af7c0

13. ...And when Marlin realizes Nemo is the only survivor in the attack.

14. When Sally explains the history of Route 66 and how greatly things changed once the interstate was built.

15. When Carl badges Russell with the grape soda bottle cap Ellie gave him.

16. When the lonely volcano sings his yearning lava song in the short from Inside Out.

17. When Mr. Incredible believes Elastigirl, Violet and Dash are killed by Syndrome and he looks totally defeated.

Submitted by lazybonez511

18. When Dug hides underneath the porch because he genuinely cares about Carl.

19. When Lightning McQueen gives up winning the Piston Cup to help the King cross the finish line.

20. When Sulley flips to the back of his clipboard and finds a piece of Boo's door.

21. And when Woody, Buzz, and the gang hold hands and accept the fact that they're ready to die in the furnace.

Submitted by Katie Murt, Facebook

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