22 Signs You’re Still Addicted To “Friends”

It’s more than a TV show… It’s a way of living.

1. You can tell seasons apart based on the characters’ hairstyles.

Season 2, “The Rachel.”

Season 1, Phoebe’s long curly hair.

Season 5, Ross’ gelled beehive.

2. You can’t go to sleep without watching at least two episodes.

Thank god for Nick at Nite.

3. When somebody tells you they watch Friends, it’s not just a casual comment. You freak out because you realize you’re going to have conversations about plots and themes and Gunther.

4. You use these catchphrases in your everyday life.

5. You can quote every line without hesitation, no matter how complex it may be.

6. You watch Friends so much you start to believe they’re your real friends… And if people tell you differently, you just ignore them.

7. You own the French poster in Monica’s apartment, and it’s framed…and hanging above your TV… just like Mon.

8. You attend Friends trivia nights, and get creative with your team name.

9. When referring to the love of your life, you use this term…

…and whenever you move furniture, you scream this.

10. When someone asks you to pick a favorite character, you can’t because you love all of them equally and unconditionally.

11. You do the “four claps” during the opening theme song without missing a beat.

12. You gradually become like the characters over time…without noticing.

13. You adopt Phoebe’s alias in certain situations so you don’t have to reveal your real name.

14. Even if you’ve seen the series more than 15 times, every episode still makes you laugh uncontrollably.

15. You not only know how to play “Smelly Cat” on the guitar, but you believe it’s never Smelly Cat’s fault.

(And you use Phoebe’s guitar method.)

16. You avoid watching Ross and Rachel’s breakup because you don’t want to see your friends experience that awful pain.

Just skip Season 3 disc 3 altogether.

17. You bake Friends-themed birthday and wedding cakes.

Without beef, of course. You don’t want to pull a Rachel.

18. When someone talks smack about Friends, or says they’ve never watched an episode, you genuinely feel insulted.

How DARE you diss my friends?!

19. You know all of the answers from the Season 4 trivia episode (“The One with the Embryos”).

20. You also know how to perform “The Routine.”

21. You cry hysterically at the series finale because your friends are leaving you forever.

22. But then you remember almost every TV channel in the universe broadcasts reruns, so you don’t really have to say good-bye to your friends.

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