21 Signs Your Sister Is Actually Your Superhero

Sissy to the rescue. #POW #KABOOM #BLAMO

1. She’s rarely afraid to confront a difficult situation, like going on a job interview or clearing the DVR.

Disney–ABC Domestic Television / Via joblo.com

2. She never hesitates to speak her mind.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via dustandsoul.wordpress.com

3. Your sister will drop her original plans to come to your rescue.

Original plan: go to a hip bar on Friday night with friends.
New plan: stay at home on Friday night with her sibling to cheer him or her up.

4. Her sense of humor is wonderfully witty and sarcastic.

Paramount Pictures / Via jessastumbles.tumblr.com

Here’s looking at you, sister friend.

5. She’s always down for a kickass adventure.

Nicktoons / Via comicaddictz.com

Sneaking you out of your high school learning center? LET’S GOSIBLING.

6. She changes the world with her flawless attitude and intellect.

CBS / Via imgur.com

There’s no greater superpower than the mind.

7. She’s awesome because she treats you like a fellow superhero, not some average citizen.

Cartoon Network / Via powerpuffgifs.tumblr.com

She always encourages you to be a better person and strive for more in life.

8. She can hold down a conversation with anyone at every family event.

Nicktoons / Via writingfail.tumblr.com

Your sister isn’t phased by Thanksgiving dinner with the family — she remains cool and collected. She’s a damn inspiration.

9. She’s a complete force of nature.

20th Century Fox / Via wac.450f.edgecastcdn.net

10. Your sister knows how to fight the bad guys off just by raising her eyebrow.

Cartoon Network / Via wifflegif.com

WARNING: your sister’s eyebrow must lift all the way to the top of her forehead for full badass effect.

11. She’s always there to protect you against the bullies of the world.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via fanpop.com

Be gone, average citizens.

12. Your sister is up all hours of the night kicking butt on Twitter.

20th Century Fox / Via mercenarykunoichi.tumblr.com

The girl is always on the move, in 140 characters or less.

13. She never holds back from letting people know how ridiculous they actually are.

20th Century Fox / Via stilessderek.tumblr.com

14. She always looks out for your best interest by sending you e-mails about upcoming summer internships.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television / Via gino.soup.io

She doesn’t do it to be annoying, but because she genuinely cares.

15. Your sister is quick on her feet in uncomfortable situations.

Erm… was that an awkward silence? She’ll hit ‘em with a funny TV quote or music lyric (preferably “Friends” and Drake).

16. She’s the perfect role model for young men and women everywhere.

Nicktoons / Via archive.bebo.com

Everyone strives to be like your sister because everything she does is hilarious, important, and cool.

17. Internet trolls never bring her down — your sister is invincible.

20th Century Fox / Via picturesofuma.tumblr.com

18. Her stress release might be Netflix, but she’s always on the move making a great name for herself.

Cartoon Network / Via paperrocketship.tumblr.com

There’s no limit to your sister’s determination to get shit done.

19. She’s never afraid to take a risk and fight the norm, whether it’s getting a new haircut or writing a controversial article.

NBC / Via theberry.com

Chubby hands to the rescue.

20. Your sister is someone you can always depend on.

Universal Pictures / Via rebloggy.com

That sibling bond is too strong to ignore. She knows where her loyalty lies.

21. And the world would be lost without her beautiful intellect and superpowers.

Columbia Records / Via dailymotion.com

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