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21 Signs Your Sister Is Actually Your Superhero

Sissy to the rescue. #POW #KABOOM #BLAMO

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3. Your sister will drop her original plans to come to your rescue.

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Original plan: go to a hip bar on Friday night with friends.

New plan: stay at home on Friday night with her sibling to cheer him or her up.

8. She can hold down a conversation with anyone at every family event.

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Your sister isn't phased by Thanksgiving dinner with the family -- she remains cool and collected. She's a damn inspiration.

10. Your sister knows how to fight the bad guys off just by raising her eyebrow.

Cartoon Network / Via

WARNING: your sister's eyebrow must lift all the way to the top of her forehead for full badass effect.

14. She always looks out for your best interest by sending you e-mails about upcoming summer internships.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television / Via

She doesn't do it to be annoying, but because she genuinely cares.

15. Your sister is quick on her feet in uncomfortable situations.

NBC / Via

Erm... was that an awkward silence? She'll hit 'em with a funny TV quote or music lyric (preferably "Friends" and Drake).

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